Spider Man 3
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The third installment in the spider-man series on pc and full of new package of gameplay, graphics, bosses. Looks like it has changed in every aspects from the previous games and it has been served with a lot of new exciting stuff. No more straight swinging like the first game and no targeting on those swinging spots(whatever you call it) in spider-man 2. So I'm gonno explain everything in separate ways.

GRAPHICS :- The graphics are up-to-date and well designed; New York calls you to explore everything inside. The buildings looks realistic and the textures are extra-ordinary. Not much options you get to set the graphics according to your choice and just AAx4 and overall quality of the city and texture details are provided. You will see the beauty of the city on high resolutions when the city starts to look like the real one and you dream of that. The character models are just OK. Though everything is well prepared yet they fail to give the homogeneous look of the real NEW YORK. They also look like the CARTOON characters if you take a close look. For Graphics, Score should be 7.5/10.

GAMEPLAY :- Trying to explore the abilities of Spider Man, The game works just fine. From the jump to the actions of spidey, everything is done so well. Handy tutorials in the starting of the game are good introduction to spider-man and if any new guy playing a spider-man game for the first time, he'll enjoy it very much. Swinging through that BIG city is the most enjoyable part of the gameplay and you can do it for hours. The only point where the game falls behind is the combat system. The combos are not that good as much as you would expect from this kind of a game. Button combinations are puzzling and you just keep pressing them and don't know what will come out of it. This might have been caused by adding too much for the game and it went 50% wrong. Controls on the keyboard and gamepad works very good, But I suggest using a gamepad as it feels more comfortable on it. Funny stuff has been added to the game as spider man has become a bomb squad of himself. He has to defuse bombs, not just once but a lot of times. Another thing that can't be accepted easily is the mini game system as that of GOD OF WAR. These two things added to the game just ruins everything and make it a frustration for the gamers to continue. The Photo missions are good addition to the game and should be added everytime for such a good game.  Camera adjustment is another thing that sucks a lot of times when you're inside a room. It works good outside but the camera distance should be adjustable for making it better. Boss fight are not that much exciting you would expect and just the typical methods you have to use to defeat them. Difficulty against them is more than HARD and you start to fell pain in the *** as the fight continues. The start to get more tough and don't give a chance to survive. The only helpful thing that will attract you are the spider reflaxes and spider sense. They are the real stuff for the game. So for Gameplay , It goes 6/10.

Story :- The story of the game on each platform(whether its ps2, ps3, xbox360 or pc) starts with an explosion in a building caused by a gang in the city called MAD BOMBERS. You, as spider man, enter the building and by defeating the bad guys, you save a lady and the main story starts. You've been provided choices to choose any of the mission at a time and there are more than two at the starting. But you must finish all of them to continue and at the end of the last remaining mission, you get a bunch of more to try your hands on. That is half good and half bad. The scripts for the boss missions are not that good and don't try to take you in the depths of legendary clashes between spider man and his foes. Lizard, Kingpin, Scorpion, Rhino, Kraven, New Goblin, Sand Man and Venom; all good. As the story doesn't appeal much, its score is 6/10.

Sounds :- The sounds and the music of the game are just fantastic. When you're swinging through the city, that sweet music of the violins is so good that you would love to listen it endlessly. Score for the sound and music is 8/10.

So I recommend you to try your hands on this Spider-Man game enjoy as it is as much fun on pc as that on the consoles.