Sniper: Ghost Warrior 1

Hiding in bushes, crawling in tall grass, sneaking up to or past the enemy, taking the shot from a distance and killing the enemy without being spotted, this is the exciting life of a sniper. There aren’t many first person shooters (fps’s) out there that give you the opportunity to become a sniper and live the thrilling life of one. Other fps’s only gives you one or two missions as a sniper and that’s it There are even other fps’s, that have no sniping missions. That changed over time as a few of these games that are sniping only games got released.

In 2010 Sniper: Ghost Warrior was released, giving you this opportunity of being the feared silent killer. It was a really good game, with nice looking graphics and an amazing bullet cam that shows your skilled head shots. The details of the environment were very good, especially when crouching and seeing the grass, water etc. from up close. The game was not all that perfect though, the blood splatter looked fake, you got spotted very quickly even though you’re far away and the maps or areas was very closed off. This means you did not have the options to select your spots, you had to follow the objective which led you to a spot and you did not have many choices of sneaking past enemy, snipe them or silent melee kills. Despite these imperfections the game had and I did not mention all of them, the game was still enjoyable and fun.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is the sequel to Sniper: Ghost Warrior set to be released somewhere in 2012. You play the role of an ex-Delta Force sniper (from the first game) that went into the private security business. More of the story is unknown at this time. The game has improved a lot since the first one according to developers at E3, but we won’t be for sure until it has been released. The game is still in the early stages of development but the demo that was made specially for E3, looked really good. They are using CryEngine 3 for this game which will boost the graphics on this game. The detail of objects will stretch much further in distance than the first game. Through the scope everything will supposedly be high detailed. The environment will be better looking and depth of field will also be improved. It’s not yet clear how this will impact the system requirements. It is also said that the maps are bigger and more open and that the player will have more choices of killing. Melee attacks can be used whenever you want and not just in certain situations. There are also drivable vehicles in this sequel. It is also said that you can stay hidden better in this game, but we’ll have to wait and see. The game will also have multiplayer but that is all known about that. Multiplayer is being kept a big secret by the developers. Bullet cam, intensive blood splatter on head shots and slow motion is also in this game. The same factors will influence your shots like in the first game. Those factors are breathing, distance and wind.

All in all, it really looks like they improved the game, made it better looking, changed some parts to make the game better and kept essential parts from the first game. This game is still far from done, so a lot can change in the last months of development. The Silent Killer (Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2) will be back in 2012 and hopefully be better than ever.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2