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Developers from Mind-Storm Studios in Pakistan, Country which is not known for creating games so well, gave it a try to make a good cricket game and their effort can be called tremendous. Only Code-Masters and EA tried their hands on this sport but their games were not that good and stunning. I'm going to explain everything one by one, hope you'll get enough knowledge about this sport after this review.

Graphics :- Graphics of the game are not that sharp and good as that of EA Cricket 2007, but can be accepted any way. Not too many types of the character models used and you'll figure out that most of them have been modified from the same piece. That is really annoying and they made the same mistake by not offering too many faces. Also you can't modify them of yourself . You might notice that few of the grounds with grass enabled in the outfield will slow down your PCs and can be called poor optimization. Slow downs in the gameplay makes the game slip a bit and sometimes they even become a headache for you. For graphics :- 5/10.

Batting :- This game has got a lot of options for the batsmen to hit the ball in any area of the ground as it offers placement feature and that is very helpful in beating a fielder and send the ball across the boundary. The tutorials are very well designed and any noob can easily learn the tactics of batting in just a few minutes. The controls for batting are new to the cricket games and take few seconds to get in. There are four shot types in the game and they can be called very unique. When you want to play defensively, you choose the push type shots and they are easy way to take singles and doubles. You can use the standard grounded shots to make quick runs by hitting the ball to the boundary, but they require good timing. You timed them early or late, you lost your wicket and the player is out. The ball will edge to the slip or the keeper. The third type gives you a chance to hit the ball without walking out of the batting crease and hitting them with full power. They are a risky and need very good placement and timing to hit them. In the end, the fourth type is very useful against the spin bowlers and send the ball out of the ground. Total number of shots provided are over 20 and you have to choose the best one to make maximum runs and not to lose your wicket. The placement of the shot is very good feature and open a lot of doors for you. You can use the gaps between the fielders by moving the placement meter in up and down directions and it is useful in each kind of shot. For gameplay:- 8.5/10.

 Bowlings :- Bowling to the CPU batsmen is average and you can't figure out the weaknesses of them that easily. Whether you ball him on full length in his feet or short to hit his head, he is like superman for you. He'll hit you out of the ground on any type of delivery you bowl to him and it makes him invincible. The bowlers are not provided with too many ball types to bowl and just get one special delivery to bowl as a yorker( right in the middle of the feet of the batsmen) and a bouncer. But as I said, the CPU is invincible, you don't get the wicket that easily. If you're lucky, you'll get and feel relieved. Another strange thing is noticable and that is sudden fall of a batsman when he is at his full potential and hitting the shots at his best. That is really poor and no one can get it that easily and just celebrate at his fall.You'll get more stuff like this when you're bowling and it makes the AI of the game an average one. For bowling :- 7/10.

Fielding :- The fielding is so aweful that makes you say to the fielders "NICE CATCH SEXY". They dive in the air and catch the ball so realistically. The fielding should be called a real one because the fielders drop the catches and that makes it 50-50 luck for you during batting. Nothing much noticed in the fielding but the main features are fantastic. For fielding :- 8/10.

Umpiring :- No doubt the game uses the hawk eye system which is highely accurate and no decision goes wrong. Everything look so good and the players should feel satisfied with the decisions of the umpires. For umpiring :- 10/10.

Others :- No co-operate play support like other games is a big diappointment but you can enjoy multiplayer online. The names of the players are all wrong and you have to download patches to correct them. That might be because of the licensing issue. No commentry offered in the current version and makes it boring to continue. Grounds are imaginary and aren't related to any of the grounds in the world as other games offer. For these features :- 6.5/10.

So the overall score of the game is 7.5/10 which can be called good.

I hope the cricket lovers will enjoy this game a lot and praise the effort of its developers. If they make it like EA's Cricket in the future with well designed models and outfields and add commentry to it, its going to be the best.