Dino Crisis
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Now thats what we call a true villain.


Capcom became very popular because of its survival horror idea used in the Resident Evil series and the series has proved itself the most terrific among the others. So, they came up with ideas to start new franchises using the same genre and type of game-engine and give it a go. They maintained the previous features of Resident Evil series like fixed camera angles and scary environment to make a new game – Dino Crisis.


Apart from the tag of survival horror, Dino Crisis presents itself as a Panic Horror game. Yes, it’s different from the kind of survival horror and gives the entertainment a new height that you expect from it to deliver. The game has a very interesting and unique storyline; it offers a lot of new stuff never seen in any game before; new puzzles, sharp graphics, extreme level of suspense, extra-ordinary sound effects, new type of gameplay and of course the most important thing – the dinosaurs.


The story of the game takes place in the night. Four S.O.R.T. members named Gail, Regina, Rick and Cooper, jump from a helicopter and land on an island named Ibis Island. The island is surronded by jungle from another time. Three of the members land and meet at a decided place, but Cooper lands in the jungle area and soon becomes the dinner of T-Rex. Gail decides to leave him behind and move on to the facility. Their mission is to inspect the experiments brought out in that facility and get to Doctor Kirk, who was declared dead few years ago which isn’t true at all. The government was using him to make new weapons for the warfare. The conditions inside the facility are very suspicious and tell that something’s wrong here which is not normal at all. There are a few puzzles in the starting like open the locked doors and turn ON the power in few area of the facility. Doors use two types of disks and combine their letters using the help pages scattered in few rooms. The puzzles require good skills to solve and their shine never gets dull throughout the game.


Suspense gets a new height when Regina encounters a giant lizard and later come to know that they are not from their time. They deal with the Cretaceous Time and have got to their time with the help of the Third Energy Experiment. You will face Velociraptors most of the times and their presence is damn scary as they attack all of a sudden either by breaking a glass or through the ceiling of the elevator. The facility architecture is well designed and can be called the best show piece in recent games of that time.


Gameplay has new features like walking and running, limited ammunition, perfect combination of the darts with the poisonous substances you’ve got and find different types of plugs in order to use the facility boxes to store the items. Not too much imaginary data has been added and it makes the game show the real environment which is comparable to our real life. Another solid add to the game is the decision making feature in which you have to decide two of the choices provided to continue the story. Both decisions end up at a same situation but they have their own level of enjoyment. Total types of dinosaurs are limited to five which might hurt the feelings of the Dino lovers (I AM ONE OF THEM TOO). Excitement of the gameplay never goes down because there are some shocking situations in which you have to hit a specific button rapidly and save yourself. Sometimes, the T-Rex makes your heartbeat faster by making a surprising entry through a window or when you’re outside of the facility and suddenly all the doors get locked. Those moments are terrific if you haven’t got enough ammunition to fight against him and you end up with a red screen saying “YOU ARE DEAD”.  High suspense level and terrific encounters with the dinosaurs make this game a real panic horror.


The sounds of the game are very good and sharp. The music of the game in the background is just awesome to keep the level of suspense higher and should be called the best support to the game. Material sounds are also well captured like weapon firing, footsteps on different types of materials etc. You will notice a feel of relief in the Save Game rooms where that classic music takes you deeper and deeper  making you to stay there a bit more. 


 Coming back to the rest of the story – Gail acquires the evidences against Kirk and takes him on the gun-point. They find Tom badly injured by the dinosaurs, who was sent before them to check everything and send the report to SORT. Soon he’s killed by a raptor when he tried to save Rick. Kirk doesn’t care about anything and finishes anyone who comes in his way. He killed a lot of facility members to keep his experiment a top secret and didn’t even hesitate to attack the armed members of SORT. Gail plans to get out of there as they have got the doctor and the helicopter arrives. Predictable, very predictable, most of us know what’s going to happen. T-Rex makes the smartest entry like the resident evil bosses and brings the helicopter down to make sure it doesn’t fly anymore. Kirk escapes and gets away while the other team members find themselves in new area of the facility with new problems waiting for them. The half of the game completes with its ups and downs; the rest has got even more surprising. New types of dinosaurs make entry and they present new difficulty level to fight against. The first half was rocked by Velociraptors and Pteranodon. Now it’s the turn of Therizinosaurus to make you beg for your life. They are odd-looking and the most tough to take on. They attack you in a group of two or three and you have no choice to get to a safe place rather than hitting their butts. The electrical fences are very useful to protect you and you’ll feel relieved in a few narrow areas. As I said before, puzzles never come to an end as they are the strength of the game. Find the items required to unlock the doors and for a particular purpose like maintaining a generator or other stuff like that.


Gail finds the 3rd Energy Data Disk and gives it to Regina. In the last few moments of the game, you’ve to find the initializer and stabilizer in order to get the third energy working. As the experiment starts, the whole facility starts shaking and a vent falls on him. He gets seriously injured and Kirk uses it as a benefit to get away. Rick and Regina rescue Gail and take him with them. The game offers three endings but as I’ve ended it in the third way, I’ll explain you that. Kirk is preparing to leave in a helicopter as Regina gets there and give him a smashing kick in his face. Then Rick brings Gail with him to the helipad and gets in the helicopter. T-Rex chases them and ends up when Rick drops a bomb onto him which turns him into ash.


The other two endings are also interesting and very good. So in the end, Dino Crisis can be called a tremendous game by Capcom and it makes me forget the fun of playing resident evil completely Hope the series gain new heights and create history. Thanks for reading my first review.


Regina has a strong personality, smart and sexy too.