Fallout 3
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This has to be one of the best games I've ever played, and having had played games since I was 2 on my old Amstrad 646, I've had quite a lote of experience.

Given, I have only played the game on 360, not had the pleasure of P.C version yet, but I understand that they are the same.

This game gives you the choice to do anything you want, whether it be good or evil. Now the first time I went to see Moriarty, I killed him, which as most of you probably know, that was a silly idea I know, but that's not the point, I COULD kill him, so I did.

There is no wrong way to play this game, which is what I think makes it so bloody good. Every decision you make by the way does affect you, so do be aware of the fact that every action has a consequence. Given, there are glitches, which every game has, you can't condemn a game for a couple of glitches here and there.

Overall this game is very deep and will keep you wanting more and more, I think it is a very good game and I think people who aren't particularly into PRG's will like it also, I'm not a massive fan of the old RPG, but I do like this game!

Anyway guys, hope I have made some sense, and that this review gives you some insight into the game.