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One of many dangers in the game.

I used to be a fan of games like Limbo when the depressing/sad/mysterious theme was still new in the flash games. Over time, more and more games like this came out and I became quite bored of the same repetitive plot. And not just plot - even the "underlying" messages became repetitive. The deepness of games became smaller and smaller, therefore they started losing what they originally were meant to have.

A few weeks ago I came across Limbo. A flash game that is made pay-to-play? That alone made me quite suspicious. After watching a preview on Youtbe, though, I decided to get the game. Now here are my thoughts about this masterpiece.

The game involves tens or even hundreds of puzzles and guarantees at least 2 hours of gameplay (very much for a game of this type). The only bad side I could find was the story. The story is basically so well-hidden that it's almost impossible to understand the meaning without further reading of the Internet. Why and where is the boy running? Even the ending explained it only partially. What I didn't get at all were the other people. Why were they acting like that? Many question, almost no answers. Yet I still loved this game. Especially good was the black-and-white tone. It really created an amazing atmosphere and the physics used in-game were also great.

There are no useless sounds in Limbo. Every small sound that you hear has a deep meaning. It creates a mysterious atmosphere and tells you a story of it's own kind. There are no scary moments - yet the game made my heart beat faster. Many of the puzzles were extremely hard to think of myself, so I have to admit, I was forced to use a few walkthrough videos...

You can interact with many of the objects you see. From moving boxes, chains, car-like mechanisms and even people, to climbing ropes, making a boat move, changing the gravitation or killing yourself (if you want that, of course). What also made me happy was the big amount of checkpoints. If you die after solving a hard puzzle, you don't have to do it again (at least in most cases), because checkpoints are after any puzzle.

Would I recommend this game? Certainly. Not just because of the deep meaning, but also because of the puzzles. Sometimes it's good to leave a shooter standing in the corner while you use your brain to do something more demanding. Another thing that could've been better is the price. It's one of the reasons why the game isn't popular among people - barely anyone would want to pay 10 € for a game of this type.

Dont fall in there - the boy cant swim!