Sniper Elite
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Lying still, even for hours. Checking surroundings. Moving slower than turtle. Waiting in one spot, for one single shot. That's how snipers do their work.

Sniper Elite gives you the chance to become one, to view the II World War through the scope. Constantly hiding and avoiding detection is what you have to focus on the most. Before a satisfying long range headshot can happen, a lot of preperation is needed. You have to work out your position well, and be invisible for enemy soldiers. This isn't open warfare game like Call of Duty. Instead of going bravely forward, you will have to sneak or even turn back many times.

The campaign offers 28 missions. That is more than enough, considering time you have to spend for actions without being seen. Therefore, patience is fundamental here. As an American soldier, OSS operative, you carry out various tasks like assassinations, sabotage, stealing important documents or rescuing captured allies. Disguised as a German sniper, you will have to face both Germans and Russians fighting each other. Maps aren't big, but with all the rubble of destroyed buildings, cars and all sorts of debris there are plenty of places to hide or take shot from. Missions are quite tough even when playing on easier difficulty. Thus if playing on harder, it will be almost impossible to finish the mission without at least once being killed. However having the option of saving the game at any stage of the mission is very useful, yet limited. And you will want to save often.

AI level is very smart. Enemy soldiers aren't standing around waiting to be killed. They move, patrol area. They run for cover, crouch, go prone and even team up to take you down. With one group providing suppressive fire, the other one will go around you to cut off the escape route. They will even help a wounded comrade - which is a good way to get rid of them so to speak, using someone as bait. A dead body of a soldier would surely alert anyone, so moving and hiding corpses is something worth doing. But the troops on the streets aren't the only reason to worry about, there are for example tanks but also your worst nightmare - enemy snipers. Same as you, they hide in many places waiting...

Although sniper riffle is the primary weapon in this game, there is also other equipment to use throughout the missions. Machine guns, pistols, exploding devices and many others will come in handy. You can use equipment from both Germans and Russians. With the game in third person perspective you always see what kind of equipment you possess. Dead soliders not only offer a free ammunition or alternate weapon choice, but also healing items. Getting back to the main weapon, game producers took good care of it. Using sniper riffle isn't as simple as pulling the trigger. Depending on the difficulty level, distance, gravity, wind, posture or heartbeat will make the shot very hard to accomplish. There is also a possibility of holding breath to make the shot more steady. And if you make it all right, camera follows the bullet until it reaches it's target. What's more great is that you can conceal the shot with artillery fire. Unfortunately, hit detection is not very precise. Killing someone by shooting his backback is just wrong. Also scratch wounds somehow can be deadly here.

Graphic side of the game is on the average level, and I believe producers could have done more work with it. Some elements are repetitive. You will witness same textures or same characters over and over, with minor changes - but they are still the same. It is completely different story with the sound and music. It makes all together a perfect war climate. Hearing bombard, machine guns, airplanes, alarm sirens in distance or experiencing it next to us, wounded soldiers moaning or communicating with each other it all works out great. Music at times will be aggressive to add more tension to it and feel in the game better.

Game offers online gameplay and you can post your scores to see how you stand with the rest of the world.

Sniper Elite is a very good sniper simulator with an element of FPS. Good gameplay, great atmosphere, excellent sound and music side of the game put the average graphics level on second plan, not being that important. This game is recommended mostly for people with a lot of patience, who prefer stealth over open war.