Battlefield 2
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The weapons and map menu

well this is the first article ive written,  so dont expect anything fancy , or more then an amateurish review..



Battlefield2 is one of the oldest and among alot of people the best game in the FPS genre that has ever been  created... 

and people might ask themselves why this guy just reminded now to do a review on a game that's almost 7 years in the market? well thats a great question, and the reason is that the new and upcoming BattleField 3 game made me eager to look at my past and the first two things that poped into my head are COD 2 and Battlefield 2 and since that were talking about the BattleField series i decided to put COD 2 in the side and focus about battlefield2. 

so im guessing that by now half of the 4 people that started reading this review are already gone after they said  to themselves "omg what a waste of time , i could have kicked some @$$ in badcompany 2 right now",well i cant say that i dont agrea...

so for the review part of this article ill talk about some of the things that are featured in BF2, for starters i have to say that once you open the game your suprised to see the fantastic graphics this game has to offer , even though this game has been in the market for as long as i can remember... 

secondly you can not be amazed of all the features this game has to offer.from huge maps to a nice amount of options for your gameplay.if your a sniper guy or a LMG guy battlefield 2 is for you, the game offers to you the decision between 7 diffrent weapon packs which are the: Sniper, Special ops, Assault, Support, Engineer, Medic and last but not least the Anti tank

those are the classes this game has to offer, but what realy made this game a succes is the size of the huge maps  that are available in this game, every map has alot of spawning points so the annoying  phenomena of spawn traping is very rare in this game.

also thanks to that fact that the maps are huge  you got alot of alternate routes to one places so you can sneak up the enemy's back and suprise them with a well placed c4 or a stabing sprea.

thanks to those facts this game is made to be so awesome as it is now.


so if you survived all the way till the end your welcome to leave your opinion and things i should work more on ,or things i should take off of future reviews. every opinion is welcomed so have no mercy on me.