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At the start of the game you can read whats new.

SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate is an expansion for SWAT 4 game - which you need in order to play TSS. If you want to check out the review for SWAT 4, go here.

The expansion gives 7 new missions, punch button for stubborn civillians or bad guys not willing to subdue, new equipment and new weapons - for SWAT and suspects as well. Speaking of suspects, their AI has been improved. And with it, their temper it seems. It is a lot more difficult to make them comply than it was in SWAT 4. They also won't hesitate to put a whole magazine at SWAT the moment they see uniforms. Being very agressive, hiding, changing positions very often, being hard to spot. Those are their new values. And even if you subdue them - do not leave them uncuffed or without cover. In "TSS" they like to stand up, or what's worse - grab a weapon. For me personally that is the best change made. It makes game more difficult, having eyes on suspects that have complied and others still standing is challenging.

For online changes, a built-in voice communication has been used. Player activates it by pressing and holding a button in order to talk. It's very useful, since it's easier and faster to communicate with team mates, making gameplay more coordinate. In co-op mode, it's possible now to make a team of 10 people, divided into 2 groups - red and blue. Also, a new mode has been introduced called "Smash & Grab". One team has to locate a suitcase and get to safety point within time limit, while other team has to stop them. It would be all great if not the loading times, which can sometimes kill the spirit.

SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate is a very good piece of game, providing new additions and prolonging the gameplay. For those who like SWAT 4, TSS is an absolute must play. It will definately provide some refreshment to this game.

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