My Worst Day WW2
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Very Important Map

This game starts you on an island called Norway and you are sent as a saboteur, your name is Peter. Its a very tactical game and you have over 200 enemies to get rid of, plus two massive cannon to blow up, also an airbase HQ. There are also many other bases with enemies to get rid of. Then you can escape the island with a small boat at least you would tend to think you can escape when all of a sudden a battleship appears around a corner and blows you to pieces.

You can also play this game in arcade mode where you have only three lives and thats it for you. The other play mode is standard where you have to find a bottle of finest cognac brandy to recharge your life. Each bottle can give you up to 25% health. Your map is one of the most important item in the game. Your best weapon is your sniper weapon, I would recommend you use it regularly and don't waste your bullets because you have a limited amount although when you pass over a corpse and you press "P" on the keyboard you'll pickup more ammo. One thing, try your best not to be shot by the enemy your health will diminish quickly and a bottle of cognac is few and far between, also difficult to find. During your gameplay you'll have the options to save five times only. After that you will not be able to save your game. The only way to continue saving your game is to close off your game, and restart it, get to the last save and continue from where you left off that way you'll get another five saves again. My best recommended option to save is each time you kill an enemy or do a mjor destruction and still have your full health do a quick save. That way you can always use that save to continue and find an enemy who shot you and give payback.

I can't quite remember but I think there are three or four battle tanks to destroy and your best destructive weapon is your Rocket Launcher. Try your best and get behind it at close range without being noticed and fire one properly executed shot to destroy it. There are just enough Rockets to destroy each of them so don't waste any of them.

You have a few bombs around that you'll need to destroy two bridges the two massive Cannon and the airbase. I won't tell you where they are because that would make it too easy for you. By the way don't try using the Rocket Launcher to destroy the Cannon or Bridges it would no work. As I said before using the Map is the key to success or you'll just wander right into the enemy head on. Another thing to watch out for is a reconnaissance airplane looking for you. Just lie low and don't move and it will pass without raising the alarm. Once the alarm is raised you're dead.

To summarize: The key to the game is sneaking around and surprising the enemy, and don't raise the alarm on the island because once the alarm is raised you're dead.

Massive Cannon