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To start with Unreal II The Awakening  is a fps shooter game and your main character is John Dalton. All of the weapons that you will use during each level of the game have some very funny alias names, for instance your Assault Rifle is called the Duster, the Shotgun is called the crowd pleaser, the Sniper Rifle is called the Widowmaker and so on but the deadliest weapon in the game which you will only have in the very last stage of the game is the Singularity Cannon which shoots out a black hole and swallows up any opponent in front of you or close by. In my personal opinion the Flamethrower is by far the best I've ever seen in any game even better than Call Of Duty World At War. I've yet to see a game with a better flamethrower.

Your other helpful characters are Hawkins (Your Boss), Aida (Briefs you on each mission or gives advice), Isaak (Weapons designer), Ne'Ban (Royal Prince), Miller and some minor few which I can't remember presently.

The enemies in this game starts with a funny looking creature called IZARIANS, then you have the other enemies as each level progresses SKAARJ, SNOW PIGS, SNOW SLUGS, ARAKNIDS (Large & Small), IZANAGI GHOST WARRIORS, LIANDRI ANGELS, GASBAGS, GIANT MOSQUITOES, PYGMY DINOSAURS, DRAKK, DRAKK OVERSEERS and lastly the TOSC.

The excitement in the game in my opinion is exploring all the different planets throughout the game and of course the different enemies you encounter. Last but not least the different weapons acquired as each level is completed.

On easy difficulty this game is tough to play. There are some areas of the game it’s almost impossible to beat, I had to use God mode in some instances to finish off a level. There are several main levels that’s divided into smaller stages for you to complete. The enemies reacts the same in each level. Regardless of the missions difficulty you've chosen it seems to me they have the same amount of enemies but take less or more damage depending on difficulty and for yourself also. For a new user of this game it would really surprise him/her who the real villain is in the game. All in all this game is a must for anyone who loves fps games.