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Two player mode to defeat enemies quicker

Expendable is an arcade game built back in '98 '99 and its main purpose is to shoot anything that moves. The graphics back then for this arcade game was far beyond expectation, it was way better than Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider II and even Tomb Raider III. Everything in this game looked realistic to the mordern games they make now, I mean not as close but it was very interesting to see the buildings and landscape how it was really defined. When I got my first original copy of this game I got it as a demo version and it had only four levels and you did not have any options to save, you either play out the entire four levels or just give up. However when I eventually got the full version which have over twenty one levels and four bonus levels, well then the excitement started. I've played this game several times in the past and occasionally still plays it to this present time. By the way I've played this game in Windows '98, Windows XP, Windows Vista X86 and also this game plays excellent on Windows 7X64 bit, and the graphics is still awesome and also support my screen resolution 1400 x 900 x 32 bit. This game also supports practically any gaming devices and you have four different type of settings to choose from. Expendable also supports another player alongside you which we call two player mode. With another player on board you can defeat enemies quicker and be merciless to the weird creatures. One thing no matter what you do in the game you get four bonus levels to gain more points and these bonus levels don't have any enemies. All you do is get in their base and destroy everything in a specific time and exit to one of the regular levels.

To summarize: The game thus far...year is AD 2463 and all mankind has expanded its horizon to the outer planetary system, then came the Charva...you've been cloned and replicated thus being Expendable to be replaced by another as yourself until you've defeated the enemy. This game have hostage rescue who is recruited to fight. You've got an arsenal of weapons, bombs, grenades, dynamite and flamethrowers at your disposal also plenty of ammo and plenty health pickups. This game was developed by Rage who is based in the UK.

Personally if I gave this game a rating I would give it 80% out of 100%. Graphics is excellent (absolutely gorgeous), sound effects very nice indeed. I would strongly recommend using a gamepad or similar, its by far better than keyboard and mouse.

Charva your common enemies