Darkest of Days
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Mother who gives each assignment

For starters when I started to play this game, a young friend of mine from Scotland asked me two questions. "Errol is this game any good? And do you think I should acquire it to play? Because the reviews are not so great."

Those two questions kind of took me by surprise because I now started to play and enjoy my time travel adventure and mind you I was very excited.

Here's my thought for this game which is based on time travel, where you are placed in a very large watery like crystal ball and taken back in time or takes you to your present time in game. As you enter the game you are fighting alongside with General Custer, his last stand at the Little Big Horn where he (Custer) and his army was wiped out by the True Great American Sioux Indians (If I had a choice in the game I would've love to be with the Great Sioux and taking out Custer myself) You actually see when General Custer gets killed (game goes into cut scene) by the Great American Sioux Indians and at the very last point of being killed yourself you are rescued. You get to fight in some of the past wars such as; The American civil war of the 1860s, the two World Wars, some other European war, plus the great war at Pompeii and you are placed in the war to rescue a character but in the process you are fighting alongside the so called good guys in history. Then you are taken through a very large watery like crystal ball and transported back to the games' present time and being detailed to the next assignment, you will have a choice...one out of two or three places to go via the large watery like crystal ball.

One of the things I like in this game being a time traveller, is your modern type of weapon called chasers that you are equipped with to do injury with key persons in the game. Although not at all times you'll have the modern weapons. In some instances when you time travel you are to find a scientist or inventor and aquire a special weapon or device that will add to your arsenal. For each assignment you are speaking to a female character on a large TV screen and they call her Mother.

To summarize: This game do have support for most types of gaming devices but kind of sucks on my path, and being a fps game I tend to prefer the Keyboard and Mouse. Main characters in game you play as Alexander Morris who is from the 1800's i.e. in Custer's time and you are taken to the game's present time to be trained and then placed in the past at various time in the game, then you have a female character who goes by Mother she gives the assignment to go back in time...

One thing I've learned over the years, regardless of how much the critics or reviewers make their ratings and so on. It always have people out their that will love these games. Don't get fooled, sometimes they do certain things just to get people to rush and buy games. Notice something, the price of this particular game has never dropped it remained to this day with practically the same price tag as the day it was released. So that in itself says something. Another thing, put a ban on a game and everybody rushing to get a copy. Just another strategy to perk up sales. The strategy or if you want to say it another way the power of advertising, thats the catch.


The very large watery like crystal ball