Tomb Raider II
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Back in early March 2001 I had just bought my first desktop PC for my children for their school work. So a school mate of one of my daughters came and installed Tomb Raider II for them to play. I not being so familiar with a PC decided to play that game with one of my daughter and struggling to familiarize myself with the keyboard and we started to play. By the way this game only supports keyboard and no mouse support, it also have support for any type controller device. Seeing Lara Croft for the first time on a PC back then to the present versions they have now is really something. But back then she was really a sex symbol to look at in a PC game...anyway I started to play my game along with my daughter and she being more familiar with the game than me, I more like a sidekick...boy was that game getting interested. From the very first level you encounter a couple of Bengal Tigers. I never did own a gamepad at that time but using what I had available continued to play and started to reach different levels of the game like Bartolis' hideout and so on. I did like her pistols which never ran out of ammo; all the rest of weapons which was acquired as the game progressed did have limited ammo. I surely did like the encounters with the dinosaurs and finding the little statues which was dragon shaped (By the way it had four types in the game a gold, blue, green and silver or white dragon). I also liked the sound when you found an item which sounded like a musical guitar string played; well at least it sounded so to me. I stand to be corrected though. Some of the finer points of the game are her acrobatic moves while holding her pair of pistols, her beautiful swan dive if properly executed from the very edge of any deep water pools when encountered, also while under water you'll find ammo pickups and health packs so it’s good to search while under water. Another place to look for weapons, ammo and health packs is any dark secret areas of the game such as caves, near a large crate or box and so on. One of the most frustrating part of the game is the run and jump from a collapsing ground and a large boulder coming at you from behind all at the same time, how many times I got killed is too numerous to say before I finally succeeded. You'll also be driving a boat a few times in Venice, you'll have some close encounters of deadly Vulture type birds also some deadly spiders and so on.

Yes those were the early days of joy for gaming which was very exciting and still is. All in all I'll say a thumbs up for Tomb Raider II which I still play occasionally to this day and mind you it can also play in my Windows 7x64 bit PC. Also the graphics is still pretty good in my present PC.