Call of Duty 2
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My favorite superior British officer Captain Price, just love him

Since the first day I acquired this game back in December 2006 or so, I've played this WWII game many times over and over and never seem to get tired of playing. For starters you enter the game as a Russian soldier recruited in the Red Army, from then on as each level progress you are placed in the British Army then in the American Army. Some of the times you'll be fighting alongside the British (I love my superior officer Captain Price) in a few consecutive levels as with the American Army and Russians as well. That being said I can also say that one of the best weapons I've used in the game is the Thompson which is an American made weapon and used by the same and also the British and some of the allied forces. I also love the Sniper Rifle to take out targets from a distance but not an ideal weapon for ground battle. In my personal opinion the most difficult level in the game is where you are place in one of the large battle tanks "the Crusader Mark III" to fire at the enemy. So many times I got killed playing and also losing my comrades and just wandering and don't know where I'm at while in the battle tanks. The makers of this game really went about doing their history and putting you into historical places in the game which I do enjoy very much indeed. I also like being in the large gunnery "Flak AA Gun" where you have to shoot down some planes and another level where you use another large gunnery "Flak 88" where you are firing at the Nazis and also blowing up some battle tanks. There are so many levels and different weapons also different locations of battle you name it, It would take pages to give your take on this game. I can't say that I have a favorite level because I just love playing every level in this game right down to the last level.

To summarize; now mind you I'm basing my thought in this game at the time it was made and not with any newer and modern games, so please don't get me wrong. I can say this is one of my finest fps games I ever played although others may contradict me but that’s my personal opinion. In comparison to the other COD I can say I also love CODWAW, but this game being very realistic in history and development is what sets it apart from the other COD series. I also love the excellent graphics and realistic look of the characters and the scenery or background.

Very difficult level with battle tanks Crusader Mark III