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Thats me. My name is Abe!

Travel to the exotic world, where evil Glukkons have enslaved the Mudokon race. Join one of them in his run for freedom and help him free his people along the way.

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee is a 2D platformer, telling you the story of Mudokon race being enslaved on Rupture Farms - meat processing factory. As life flows by without anything out of the ordinary, one of them, nice and funny guy named Abe gets to overhear a new idea for food dish, since the last species used is facing extinction. Now, responsible for the whole mess Glukkons have a new "substitute" - Mudokons. Hearing this terrible news, Abe knows he has to escape the place and take his people with him.

Almost each screen of the game requires for player to stop and think about the next move. There is plenty of jumping, climbing, hiding in shadows to avoid being seen, tiptoe sneaking, many secret areas with additional Mudokons waiting to be rescued and many puzzles player has to solve either to proceed with the game, or just solve them in order to help others. Abe has several commands he must use so others will follow him, starting with "hello", "follow me" and such. Fellow Mudokons will respond or react accordingly, so that player can lead them into a bird portal - where they escape. At some points of the game Abe has a chance to ride Elum, creature similar to ostrich. All of the above may be sometimes hard to accomplish, but there are also enemies Abe has to look out for.

The most often encountered enemies are Sligs - security guards, carrying machine guns. They will be first to deal with. Not only they are a serious threat on their own, but can also control Slogs, dog-like creatures to be wary of. Paramites and Scrabs, another pain in the back will come later in the game, providing many moments of perfect-timing gameplay. Usually, hiding or running is the only option available, but there are times Abe can use his chant skills to possess enemy for his great advantage. His body remains in one place while his consciousness is moved into an enemy. Controlling Slig (which also has some commands like Abe does) for example, gives you a chance to eliminate other bad guys with it's machine gun. And if you chant back - the "host" goes boom. Different possibilities, depending on which creature you're going to take control of. Chanting is not only fun but also a must sometimes to proceed. It won't be always available however, as you have to leave Abe's body in safe place to begin with and also see if there is no chant-breaking device that electrocutes you the moment you try it.

Abe's Oddysee is a great 2D platformer, even if it's old. It offers much 2D fun, so those of you who like this genre should really try it, good title to play.

The world is really nice to explore.