Spider Man vs Kraven the Hunter comic characters

In this PC game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, one of your first encounters is with none other than Kraven the Hunter, boy do you have a fight with that character and I just reminisced back in the past when I used to read about how difficult it was for Spider-Man to defeat him. Then you have none other than Hammerhead in the next level...I don't want this article to be a walkthrough but my review.

Back in the early '70s when I was a young teenager I was given my first Marvel comic book by a school buddy of mine which incidentally was Spider-Man (Peter Parker) versus Kraven the Hunter and from that point to throughout the entire '70s I read all types of Marvel comics and DC comics which in that era was very popular in our country. I also have a passion for reading, which is one of my hobby. My first impression of Spider-Man back then had always fascinated me. I somehow fell in love with that character even to this day. I started watching it on Television as a cartoon on Saturday mornings then they finally made their first movie of Spider-Man and went to see it at the cinema. Spider-Man being a fictitious character has always struck me as one of the most outstanding character of all the super heroes. I had over a hundred brand new comic book collection of Spider-Man back in the '70s and one day one of my sister threw them all in the fire, now those books would've been priceless gems if I had them now.

I've played Spider-Man II, Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man Friend or Foe, Spider-Man Web of Shadows and now this present one. What I do like in all the PC game of Spider-Man is their excellent graphics and gameplay. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions stands out for me because of the different characters he had to defeat. Practically all the opponents are familiar with what I read in the past. Mind you, it does not mean I did not have any encounters of some of the characters like Green Goblin etc in the other Spider-Man games. By far this game looks really realistic before you in the game. I've played The Incredible Hulk which is another Marvel comic character but I like Spider-Man the most. I've also played Batman Arkham Asylum by DC comics but that’s a different story. 

In summary: This game plays excellent with my X360 Controller, they said it can be played with most gamepad but I have not tested it out, and contrary to what the system requirements is for the game it plays excellent on my rig without eating up on my Nvidia graphics card. So I would recommend you not to follow the system requirements for some of these games they normally would recommend. Mind you, some do have genuine system requirements but most time your rig may play your game.

Kraven the Hunter