Quake III Arena
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Sarge my favorite character

I've played this game over and over just for the sheer fun of it. Quake III Arena is arguably the most well-received shooter of all times. All my friends that ever played a PC game did at one time or the other played Quake III Arena. One thing I can say in this game, you have quite a few levels in this game from Crash at Tier 0 to Xaero at Tier 7 and I did get into a secret level a few times where you are in a closed room but you don't have any bots to shoots. I do say that the different weapons throughout the game is quite unique and fantastic and really impressive, I can't remember seeing any type of those weapons in any other similar type games. I don't know what others may think about this game but I consider it an arcade style game, just shoot anything that moves. I also like Sarge as my character and also you've given a choice of characters to choose from as you advance to higher levels in the game. Like any other game i.e. single player mode when you reach the last level you have none other Xaero to contend with who is your most difficult character to defeat and most difficult level to finish. One thing I can say is a plus in this game you've got an array of weapons pickup all over the place and also health pickups and plenty of ammo lying around.

To summarize; I'll give this game a full thumbs up for excellent gameplay excellent graphics, nice crisp and clean scenes. This game also plays well with my X360 Controller.

Xaero your last and deadliest opponent