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In essence to what you're up to with all types of ghostly enemies to contend with, Cursed Mountain is what I'll call a survival horror-adventure. My first impression of this game is total mountaineering adventure I being the The protagonist, Eric Simmons, not seeing his brother Frank returned home started out his mission to look for him (Frank) and as the event begins to unfold the plot became more diabolical. The scene is set in the Himalayan mountains near the Tibetan border back in the late '80s where you've got nothing other than a small pick axe for climbing the mountainous region. That Pick Axe in due time will become your most active and important weapon against all types of enemies for the action ahead. I really don't want to give much away from the game. I want you to get youself a purchased copy and play for sheer enjoyment and action and also see the excellent scenery overlooking some places as you advance in the game. The game developers really went about preparing a nice story to the game and also excellent graphics in the game, everything looks so real, like in the movies. One of the main things in the story is the presence of being around Buddhism and lots of Tibetan folklore also encounters of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. You'll also be equipped with a third eye for seeing the supernatural. A Monk will show you your hidden ability and how to use your third eye. One of these days I'll probably have to try that myself and see if it works (giggle)

To summarize; My only dissapoinment in this game, it don't have any support for any Gamepads only Keyboard and Mouse. I'll say that this game do need a gamepad because of the way its made by the developers and more so being a Third person action game. But for those who would like to play with any type gaming device be not dismayed, for I've made a profile for it to play in any gaming device using an emulator called Pinnacle Game Profiler

Ability to use your third eye