Far Cry
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Your protagonist Jack Carver

This is one of the most splendid games I've ever played. You being Jack Carver and being asked by Valerie Constantine to be taken secretly to an unchartered island and while holidaying, from out of nowhere a rocket is launched and blows Jack's boat to pieces. Valerie had just taken the Jet Ski and left when the explosion took place. Here begins the story of Jack's search and rescue mission to find Val his employer as he narrowly escapes certain death from the impact of the explosion. Your entire mission is to find Val but things have a way of not working out the way you'd like it to be.

In your encounter with your first character Doyle via a communicator, he gives you all the info as each level progresses, you are led throughout the chain of islands in search of Val. But the Trigens which is an experiment taking place in various labs by a mad scientist to genetically modify Human beings is a formidable task before you. You have an array of weapons throughout the islands plus plenty of ammo lying around.

I tend to see the islands similar to our tropical Caribbean islands with similar foliage and plenty of wild birds which is similar to our region. One of the things I love in this game is the alertness of the enemy. When you shoot an enemy a whole flock of them just swarms in on you and being alone and no help you're pretty much a goner (Doomed). The key to this game is stealth, but sometimes it just don't work, finding a health pack is very important or you can see a health pack and don't use it until you've taken out the resistance and then as your life slowly diminishes you can use it to top up and regain your health. You have quite a lot of vehicles with weapons to drive around with plus and some flying equipment to cross over a river also a dinghy to cross the sea from island to island.

In closing; I'll say this game is a must have for anyone who loves a fps like this. Playability is very tactical, you have to be very alert around your environment. In comparison to Far Cry 2 I'll give this game a very high rating because of the excellent storyline. Whereas Far Cry 2 don't really have a real storyline, but that's my opinion. Also excellent gameplay and excellent graphics.

Your damsel in distress Valerie