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Large pipes being delivered

As the name implies, you have some very extreme situations while driving through some difficult terrain. The very first time I started to play this game my mouth actually dropped open with the awesome graphics and excellent scenery also realistic places you drive through. You have the Australian outback which really looks awesome and you also have a drive through in India throughout the countryside which is also awesome. While in India you see the different Coconut trees, shrubs and Foliage its just beautiful to look at. I actually stopped my Truck on different occasion just looking around and not even contending my time of delivery. I'll give the developers of this game a full thumbs up.

I've played some of the other trucking games made by the same developers but this particular game plays excellent and with perfection. The steering in any directions is excellent and not clunky as Euro Truck Simulator. The speed is of good quality when going down a very steep slope while you've got total control of your vehicle, and the braking system is excellent. Everything in this game is like really driving a heavy duty truck. Some of the times you've got some extreme corners to make and you got to have a very good average to pull it off or else you'll lose your load or get your truck capsized. You've got all types of delivery such as carrying a tanker, logs, very large pipes etc. Ypu've also got to drive through some very difficult icy roads and black ice which is very dangerous to drive.

I have to say this game lives up to its reputation which in my opinion is the best Trucking game ever played by yours truly.

Logs being delivered