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Written by Errol on Sat, Sep 3, 2011 2:28 AM
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I remember back in the the early '80s when they had released the very first movie, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark starring Harrison Ford on down to the late '80s. They released two other follow up of those movies and I saw them on the silver screen. Boy were those films exciting. When finally they started to make the video games and release different version of the same mentioned i.e. Indiana Jones I got my hands on this one and to tell you the truth the game lives up to its expectations.

Many of the game features are similar to the Tomb Raider by Lara Croft series, e.g. using the whip like in the Tomb Raider Anniversary, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light etc. Also similar type gameplay (Lara Croft series) is associated with Indiana Jones which is quite exciting.

For a game that was released in 2003 I consider this game pretty good seeing the different places or levels the game would carry you such as Ceylon (Today that country is called Sri Lanka), Prague (The Capital of the Czech Republic), Istanbul, Hong Kong, Peng lai Lagoon (Mythical Place, but the City do exist in China. Read further), Black Dragon Fortress, Temple of Kong Tien, Emperor's Tomb and The Netherworld.

Each of the above mentioned levels consists of sub-levels which overall makes it to approx. sixty levels. You will acquire various types of weapons as you progress in the game also some health packs well hidden in crates or boxes. If you see a water fountain during your gameplay its another source of health and you can full up your canteen to fully restore your health.

In summary; I'll recommend this game to anyone who loves an adventure. Graphics in the game is not so great but shows pretty well. This game also have support for any type gamepads. You have the option to play this game in First Person or Third Person. Even on easy this game at some points have some difficulty to play, not impossible but difficult.


  • Great storyline
  • Excellent gameplay
  • Very exciting


  • Graphics not so good



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