I Wonder If They Made This Game For Kids To Complete

Written by Errol on Sat, Sep 3, 2011 12:07 PM
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The makers of this game said its design for ten years old and up but I can hardly see a ten year old beating out this game. I've played this game and I can tell you its advances to different levels, each is difficult more like saying frustrating. To me the developers did not wish for you to complete this game. As you advance to level five and up you've got some combination of buttons to crack whereby you can open a door and boy that’s practically near impossible. The characters you control in this game are Ace in action, Tank driver Runt and Fighter Pilot Abby.

The first few levels starts you out very simple, and as you progress to higher levels you will encounter more and more enemies to defeat plus an array of weapons and powerups as you go along. So far its going great, then you reach another level, then in order for you to advance to the next stage you are given a combination lock to open the first two of those levels its pretty much easy until you've been given some more combination lock to crack and to compound the situation you've got some tiny like creatures attacking each of your attempts to enter the right sequence. Then you got colours of combination to combine, well for a minute or so I thought I was playing Zuma but Zuma is still easy. At this point I already started getting a super headache trying to go forward. By the way every failed attempt to open a lock starts you all over to try and open the lock (WHEW frustration.) Fighting the most difficult enemies is already a task to deal with plus some very difficult obstacles to go through and jumping over some very wide open spaces.

Apart from those difficult or near impossible situations the game plays exceptionally well. It makes me wonder if any ten year old kid did complete this game at all. This game have all the taste and enjoyment of being playable by just seeing your different characters as seen on TV and excellent cartoony graphics. My only question to the developers; did you all wish for us or any ten year old kid to complete this game? Or did you design this game to frustrate and pull the hair out of your head trying to complete this game.

In conclusion; when making a game which is really intended for kids and not for adults, the developers should try and make the game enjoyable and not to frustrate a child, and then they i.e. the kids come and saying to you Dad...Dad...Dad or Mom...Mom...Mom come and help me with this game please. I played this game till I myself got frustrated and just gave up. I have a nephew who is an excellent player of games and he also gave up. By the way he loves those types of challenges. Probably this game apart from the PC version which also plays on a PS2 and Wii maybe easier to play. Now I'm not saying this game is impossible to complete but don't give children such difficulty to finish a game and they have to call on someone else's help.


  • Great game
  • Great story
  • Excellent graphics


  • Difficult to complete



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