From Dust
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The constant battle of nature forces

From Dust - a game that was supposed to achieve heights. Overall, I'm of the opinion that it did achieve what it was aiming for. At first it was supposed to come out in 2012, but came out earlier - summer 2011. I got it a few days after it was available on steam and don't regret it.


First I'd like to talk about the difficulty of From Dust. I thought a game like that might be easy - what challenge could it possibly offer? But no, the game certainly wasn't a piece of cake. Some level/chapters could be considered easy, while others were extremely hard. I personally found it very hard to control the lava flow. In total there were 2-3 levels which took me over an hour to complete and I admit failing some levels at least once. There weren't any frustrating parts and if the player thinks through a few steps it might even be easy to complete.


The graphics of From Dust were beautiful. Not in the way of modern games which use all possible graphic resources of an average PC. No, they were just very nice. The flow of the water, the environment, the landscape. I especially like how the water was stopped by a spell of Water Repel. What could've been better was the view. You couldn't change the angle of camera - just zoom in/out. That should seriously be improved, since at certain times, I really would've liked to wiev the map from above.


From Dust's main feature are the physics. You might think that the single drop of lava might do nothing. Yet, it might change a part of the map. Blocking one way of a river will make the other overflow. Planting water trees in a wrong place might kill your villagers. If you do something wrong, you might even seal off your village and force you to start again!


Is From Dust worth buying? Certainly. Can it be re-played? Yes, the possible solutions for the problems are endless. There are very few games of this genre and if you want to try out, how it's like to use nature powers to help out your followers (villagers), then this game is for you. Even though I can't give it a 10, a 9.5 is still a very good rating and I really recommend it to everyone!

One of the hardest maps to complete