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Written by Errol on Mon, Sep 12, 2011 2:11 AM
Where does Farming Simulator 2011 rank in the list of the most demanding games?
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How well optimised is Farming Simulator 2011 for PC? 3.3

I consider this game a really nice virtual farming industry, where you can purchase many types of vehicles and accessories such as Ploughs, Tillers and Trailers to carry hay and so on. This game does impress me because it works in real-time; let me explain a bit on that. Let's say you are playing the game in the morning you'll start the game in the sunrise just as if it's a real day you're in and if you are playing at dusk or in the late evening the game also goes into that state also i.e. in the late evening.

 Another thing for enjoyment in this can purchase a few cows and they'll be delivered to the meadow where you'll be taking care of them by feeding them with hay and so on. One of the things I love is to startle the cows by pressing the "A" button on the X360 Controller or you can press the "End" key on the keyboard and make a loud whistling noise. I just love it. Although I'm not a farmer by trade but a cabinet maker by trade I do love this virtual farming a lot.

I like using my X360 Controller which the game supports and any other gaming devices such as steering wheels, gamepads, flight sticks, joysticks etc. You can check this WEBSITE for gaming devices supported by game. When using my X360 Controller with this game, what I like the most is the smooth movement with your analog stick in steering a vehicle, it's the best I've ever used in any game and not too sharp or jerky movement yeah that's what I like.

In Conclusion; I'll consider this game a must have for those who love to do farming. A very nice playful an addictive game, having you at the driver's seat and not wanting to leave. I'll also recommend playing this with any gaming device because the keyboard and mouse sucks.


  • Great game
  • Nice graphics
  • Uses any gaming device


  • Very realistic



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