Gears of War
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Ah, the ones that have fallen...You will be remembered!

Gears of War, you either love it or hate it. Who am I kidding?? Everyone I have ever spoken to who has played this game absolutely loves it!

This third person shooter is one of the best of it's genre, and I would like to speak to the people who have compained about this game.

Given, the depth of the characters and story are short lived in the first episode of this game, but you will find out more than you need to know from playing the second edition.

Back to the first one..... What can you say about this game? It is awesome, the gameplay and the action from this game is astounding. The control system is incredible, and I don't know anyone who hasn't adapted to it quite easily, although I do play with inverted Y axis, don't know why, just the way I play all my shooters. In fact, slightly sidetracking again, I would like to hear from anyone who does use the inverted Y axis, because we are few and far between.

The single player is incredible, and whats more, like with anything in life if you need a helping hand, just call on one of your friends to help you out! Playing through the game on your own is quite an acheivment, especially on Insane mode, if you have played and completed this game on your own in the mode which is mortally crushing, then well done, you should write to Epic telling them this and reap your reward!!

But moving swiftly on to multiplayer..... Absolutely breathtaking! If you can look past some of the didgy glitches and everyone who defiantley uses them over and over again, then multiplayer is brilliant. Four on four, fighting one side for the Coalition of Governments, the other side, the dark and disruptive Locust!

Now don't be wary of side or character selection, no one character has any positive or negative handicap over any others, its just a skin, and which skin you think you can be more intimidating to the opposition you're running at, chainsaw lancer revving as you try to shred you're opponent in half. But watch out, if your hiding, waiting for the right moment, watching for a pattern as your opposite is trying to think of a way to kill you. You are there, longshot rifle in hand, target is pinned down by team mates, and your just about to take your shot then.......chink. Oh no, you've been tagged, you know you only have seconds left to live, as you know like so many others who have heard the "CHINK" you have been tagged by a nade. All you can try to do is find whoever tagged you and stand next to him when you blow in a mass of blood and limbs...and perhaps maybe teach him a lesson for tagging you!

Overall this game was, for me a defining moment in shooter's. Everyone who played it cherished it, everyone who hasn't, well your missing out big time. Anyone who hasn't played this game, get it, rent it, steal it from your mates house when he's on toilet. I don't know, however you get it, you just need to play, because once you have, things will never be the same again!

The only reason I have given this game a 9.5 is purely because of the glitchers out there. I understand that people sometimes don't even mean to glitch, which is fair enough, but there are people who will find certain glitches and abuse it, so to them. STOP NOW, you're ruining it for everyone else!

Hats off to Epic!

Marcus Fenix, Delta Squad Leader, a hero.....a Legend!