Fable III
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Fable 3 is one of my favorite RPG games to date. Players will have to make choices which effect how things turn out during or later in the game. The game was fun to play with all the things you can do from making money in the cities to buying houses. Combat could have been better, I felt like the combat was not as fluent as it could have been, but it is definety not on the bad side. The game requires some pretty hefty hardware to run decently as the game is not optimized to run on a pc. I managed to run the game pretty smoothly on med-high settings on my i7 laptop with ati 5870 gfx (1280*800 res). Also when vsync is on the game caps the fps at 30 instead of 60 like other games which can be frustrating for some people who prefer 60 without screen tearing.


Fable 3 is definetly one of the best RPG games out there and the only thing holding it from being a 9 or even a 10 is the way the game is not optimized for the PC.