Dragon Age 2
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a little improved graphic

I remember when I give the first game (origin) the full mark and I said DAO no mistakes with it but now it have a little mistakes.

The game are still have the strong gameplay  and u will love it.

The graphic are better than the first one and now with the voice act the game looks awesome

The cities I don't know. but I feel like they don’t do anything new about it The same place every time nothing new.

You can play the game like an expansion but not as sequel to the 2009 award winning DAO.

The character in the game are improved and the voice acting make it so real

The story is a good as a side quest but not a main story and it’s a short comparing to the first one.

You will not regret if u buy this game it's worth it

And what make me give this game 8 is the cinematic between the party members you can't talk with your friends  any time like origin..

The good thing that the new combat system, the weapon tree, the fight are make the game so funny

And I wish if they don’t change the soundtrack because the original one are great

Any way the game looks great and you will enjoy it.

the good:

Improved graphic –voice acting-great gameplay-support DX 11- so much side quest- new great character specially (Isabella) –you can port your saved game from origin

The bad:

A little weak story and short -small world comparing to the first one-no romance gifts-lost so much thing that’s will make it better...








no Cinematic scene  option when u like to do that