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Two days ago I ran over this game and it was diferent for me. The fact that this game was like the fist Zelda games caugth my attention at first, after I download this game, I discovered that it was really different, you're in a "dungeontipe" basement, and you have to survive with only 3 hearts at first, you have to think smart about was you next move, should I use that key, or should I save that money, are the questions that will come to your head. Also the fact that you have a limited life is great, because you will take several decisions that will change the way you play this game. And to make this game more intresting, it is a hardcore game, so if you die is the end of the game and you star all over again, so make a wise decision for every step you take, and dont forger to have fun. Oh and every world is randomly generated, think about that, it will be a good game to play for 15 minutes and relax.

It is an awesome game and you should definetly try it, every dollar is worth it.