Cities XL 2012
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Yeah, as you all know (or don't know), Cities XL 2012 is coming on the 20th of October. I have been paying attention to the discussions on the official Cities XL Forum and this is what I have observed:

After Monte Cristo backed out from the development of Cities XL, when the game was 10% away from completion, Focus Home Interactive took over the wheel of the tireless car created by Monte Cristo.

Fans had lost hope and thought Cities XL 2011 would never make it to the shelves but FCI proved them wrong and finished the whole damn thing and with a whole bunch of serious bugs and gameplay holes such as:

1 - Memory Leaks. After you play for a while and after the game sucks up your entire RAM, it starts to use windows paging instead and you know what happens - extreme lagging and overall slowdown.

2 - No Multi-Core support. Yeap, it looks like whoever is responsible this, ever heard of the multi-core feature almost every 2007+ CPU out there has. The game uses only one of the cores, which means if you have, for instance an intel i7 720QM 1.6GHZ, you're stuck with a single 1.6GHZ core doing the hard stuff.

3 - Cities XL is based on the mindless placing of buildings. You place buildings that you don't watch grow and become more beautiful or at least change appearance. It doesn't matter what you do in the game. Place buildings wherever you want. People either change homes, if a better place is available or complain, which doesn't change a thing about gameplay.

4 - No campaign. Cities XL features a mindless sandbox mode. Do what you want.

5 - Public transportation is fully paid by the state (meaning you).

6 - Oil digging brings prejudice, instead of gain.

and so on...

Now Cities XL 2012 is on the way but all FCI does is publishing some screenshots of the new buildings and maps it adds to the previous installment. Fans keep asking and asking: Will it fix the core issues? Will the memory leaks go away? ...Yet, not a single answer to these questions. A long description was also published by a FCI producer that didn't say anything about this either.

Well it's obvious my friends. If Cities XL 2012 were free of any of the previous bugs, FCI would have all the pleasure (and reasons) to say so. So, we can all expect the same problems we came across on the past.

So in the end, they give you more maps and more buildings to suck up more RAM and therefore lead to major slowdowns faster and don't fix any of the bugs reported by hundreds of users. The main problem with these bugs is that you can't really play the game or at least build large cities without experience slowdown and constantly restarting the game to dodge the memory leak issues. It's not like its gameplay is great but it's frustrating that you are in a constant situation where your rig doesn't seem to be good enough, unless you have 100GB RAM and a single core 5GHZ CPU.

Check my first preview of Cities XL 2012 here to see what it DOES feature.