The cover of the game

So after almost a year out in the market i can finnaly review this game with all the ups and  downs of it.


For those of you who never heard about the COD series i suggest taking a few days off work/school/the hole they lived in the past 8 years and start playing this series, as a huge fan for over 6 years,ive been playing this series for as long as i can remember my self.

I highly recommend taking a break from life and diving in to the amazing single player this series has to offer.

And for those of you that do know the COD series im here to tell about their brand new(1 year old) game in the series Call of duty: BlackOps, so the first thing you see when you start up the game is the fantastic cut scene of flying tank parts and a chopper blowing up right infront of you, And the first thing everybody thinks is what an hero of myn used to say:"very nice"(Borat, anyone?) i mean stuff blowing up is always a good sign.

So after being amazed of the fantastic cutscene and the fact that your waking up all tied up(just another night) in a interagation room, You obviously think this game is going to be mind blowing.                                                                                                                                      

Well on my personal opinion, it isnt. The graphics are realy nice and the sound in the game is some what realistic.                but the story is filled with holes and unrealisim which isnt a part of the cod series, it seems sort of a wannabe COD game which in mistake got branded under the name COD, i mean the story is nice and fun while it lasted but it didnt give me that adrenline rush and heart touching story the COD series used to give me, its just trying to hard to live up to the expectations.

The story starts when you see flashing numbers infront of you and some gal saying stuff to the mic. At first your like "what the ****?" but after a couple of stages into the game you get the hang of the story. You play as the main character "Alex Mason" and his main line is "what are those fu**ing numbers" or "i cant get those fu**ing numbers out of my head",basicly anything that has any connection with numbers.

The first mission in the game is when you meet your squad in the game ,Bowmen Mason and Woods. those are your coleags in the fight to freedom for the rest of the game , so learn to love them.

After getting your drink on with your squad at a local bar you and your squad are going out guns blazing shooting probably everything in your way, in that level there are some serius gun fights which leave you amazed,after getting away of that death trap ,your going into a village to take out Fidel Castro,which in that opearation your going to be captured and sent to verkuta where you'll meet a dear friend of yours which ill leave is name unknown so i wont spoil the suprise.

Thats beasiclly the base for the complete game. After that the game becomes wierd and you just act as a super soldier that can save the world on its own, for me it seemed unrealistic and in some ways boring, but for other people this game was fantastic.

So what do you think?


Mason being all badass