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When my friend first convinced me to buy Terraria I had low expectations. This just looked like a 2D Minecraft that looked like minimal fun. After building my house, crafting some armour and weapons, and killing some enemies, I realized that this game is awesome and much more than just a 2D Minecraft. The worlds are randomly created but you have the option to create a small, medium or large world. When creating your character you can choose the option of the level of difficulty you want to play on: Softcore just makes you lose half of the coins you have, Mediumcore makes you drop all items you have, and on hardcore when you only have one life so when you die you dont respawn and you character is killed off. The amount of enemies and Biomes gives the game a fresh feel everytime you adventure out or climb down a self-dug mineshaft. The boss fights give the game a nice challenge as you have to adapt to the different bosses fighting style and moves. Decorating and building a village for NPCs to move into is so much fun. The NPCs that can move into your village can range from someone that could just give you advice to someone who could sell you explosives to help you get through the caves. On that note, the caves in this game seem to go on forever! Filled with enemies, gemstones, ore, chests that contain special items like Rocket Boots, an item that could allow you to double jump or run faster. The online play is fun yet getting into a server is like Minecraft's, its slightly confusing if you dont know what your doing. In online you can play as a team and fight through caves and the dungeon or against bosses or just build a nice house or village with eachother. You can also fight against eachother on 4 different teams with the PVP setting that you have to enable. Terraria updates regularily and is endless fun. I strongly recommend this if you are the creative type or enjoy RPGs. An all-around fun game for you and a couple of friends.