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Gameplay screenie

Hello everyone. I'm doing my first GD review. So, I'm going to make a review on the game FABLE - it's one of the best games on PC. It's an unusual rpg unique in it's own ways, the story is good, the weapons look cool, the armors and clothes are AWESOME and the skills are great too, even though there's not so much of them. Anyways, I've beat the game, and the final boss was pretty cool. I'm not going to reveal who it was, that would spoil the fun if you haven't played it :D Anyways, I wish Fable II was on PC. Sadly they didin't make it.

There was also this one thing that I loved about Fable, and this is rarely in any RPG game, only in a few - the allignment. Depending on what actions you do, you become Good or Evil. That changes your look. There are outfits that add allignment.

So now let's talk about Fable. In the beegining of the game, you start as a kid who just does chores around the town to get money to buy his sister a gift. But bandits invade town, and the child is taken by the Hero Guild Master to the Hero's Guild to train. He becomes a warrior, and takes revenge on the bandits. Through the game you will be able to change weapons, hairstyles, it's your choice whether you use a bow n' arrow or a sword. There are clothes that you can dress your character with.