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Alright. This is an old game, but the best in 2002. The graphics for that year - AMAZING. The gameplay - EPIC. The story - THE BEST. The characters - GOOD. The town - GREAT. I replayed the story about 3 times, due to how AMAZING it is. So, to those who didn't play it, PLAY it. You WON'T regret it. It simply is one of the BEST gaming experience. So I'm going to tell you more about the game.


You take control of a Taxi Driver Thomas Angelo. Salieri's gangsters Sam and Paulie are running from Morello's gang. Thomas gets an offer he can't refuse - he has to escape from the gang and take the gangsters to Salieri's bar. Later, Tommy becomes a mobster. He does jobs for Salieri, becomes good friends with Paulie and Sam, and becomes a close friend to Salieri. Play it to find out yourself. :)

The Best Story