Grand Theft Auto IV
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 Gta 4 was expected by all the fans of the GTA series. As I've seen many people love the game while others think its garbage. Now I will tell you my honest opinion about the game. I will review a game to 3 importanat categories: Story, Gameplay , Graphics and Sound. Lets get it started. STORY: I all begins when Niko Bellic, a veteran of the Bosniac war(Niko is serb, not russian as many may think) comes to Liberty City because of his cousin Roman. Roman told Niko that he is having the life of a "King" whule actually he is in serous debt and financial problems. Niko has to go to the top to become somebody and the survive in the jungle of Liberty City.             Gameplay: The game has a lot of improvmens since the GTA on pc, San Andreas. The gaming experience is much more realistic. Cars are very different at driving, shooting is much more stable and accurat. Mechanics of the game are very well done( Bravo Euphoria engine). Have I forgot to say about the fact you can fly throw the windshield. Damage to the cars look good ad driving over people has never been so much fun. Its like hitting real people with the car.  Grapchics: Graphically speaking the game is gorgeous. Cras, characters look good but the real star is Liberty City wich is the most foto realistic city ever created in a video game.  Verdict: This game is simply one of the best games I've played. Defenetly the best in the series and a solid conteder for Game of Year 2008.