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   Welcome to Lost Heaven. At first I wondered from where is this name coming. Its a strange name for a city. After I got more deeply into the story I understood that this is a Lost Heaven is a perfect name. STORY:  Tommy Angelo was simply taxi driver when one day he mets with two gangsters running from an enemy mafia family. Tommy drives them safe back to bar in Little Italy. Later he will work with Salieri the boss of the two gangsters you saved, Paulie and Sam the guys you save. During your path you will find out many characters and usual actions for the mafia.    GAMEPLAY:  Mafia has really good gameplay for a game of 2002. Shooting is good, your actions and movement is very well done because you can do movmets never to be played in a game by then. There are some bugs but they can be easily forgoten. Speaking of gameplay I ust say the are some missions like '' The death of art'' or '' A great deal" can be very hard but not impossible. What akes this mission hard is that your life isnt big. Some guns may affect you in different ways. Like a pistol can kill you very well if the enemy shoots at you closely. A Thompson 1928 or a Springfield can hit you from distance. A shotgun cant hit you fom distance but from a few meters it can kill you directly.  GRAPHICS:  The graphics look very good. The animations and textures are impresive for 2005.. ops 2002. The reason why I sai 2005 is because the graphics look like something from 2005 or 2006. Some textures can look bad but again they are easily to foreget. For me this the best game of 2002.