Darksiders 2
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The eagerly awaited sequel to the original Darksiders, Darksiders 2 is announced to be released in June 2012.

As most of you know, Darksiders 2 like its predecessor will be a third-person action adventure/hack'n'slash game. In this part, you will play as the most feared of the legendary horsemen Death. The game is played in the same timeline as the first part when War is accused of starting the apocalypse too soon.

Plot of the game is Death defying the Councils orders, believing that his brother War would never do what they claim, and taking matters into his own hands to try to find proof of his brothers innocence. He heads out to a place between Heaven and Hell called the Nether Realms to call in favors from the beeings that inhabit them killing anything that crosses his path along the way (the fun part). The remaining 2 brothers Fury and Strife will be mentioned aswell on some level.

There will also be improvements gameplay wise so lets get to it. First thing you notice when taking a look at the game is how awesomely epic Death looks wielding a big ass hammer and two scythes. Another thing to look forward to will be full weapon and armor upgrade system and almost double-sized world with lots of new enemies and bosses to slay. In comparison to the original game in which you had 1 armor upgrade but only after completion, Darksiders 2 is looking very promising in this aspect. There will also be some sort of a loot system (which is a completely new feature), namely you will have NPC's that give out side quests from which you can get rewards such as armor (12 different parts in total) with each part having enchants that increase Death's powers. About visuals of the game my guess would be nothing less then epicness (oh look it rhymed)

In conclusion, those of you who played Darksiders already know that Darksiders 2 will be a must have, those who havent i hope what i said pointed you towards trying this awesome game.

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