Forsaken World
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Another MMORPG with everything you've seen already? Perhaps not? Lets take a closer look...

Forsaken World is the newest Perfect World Entertainment’s free to play MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) title. Myself, having played it will give a semi-detailed description, my opinion of the game, first impressions and what to expect, so lets take it from the beginning.


Forsaken World has 5 playable races, you can already guess the most common used ones such as Humans, Elves, Dwarfs but as an addition there are also Stonemen and Kindred which by the look of it sound very fresh and exciting. In total there are up to 8 different classes to play, some of them being race locked, and one of them being gender locked aswell. You can choose to play as a Warrior, Protector, Assassin, Mage, Priest, Bard, Marksman and a totally new class introduced to MMO world, Vampire. Each class is also marked with a difficulty rating, called "Micro" which is represented by a number of stars ranging from 3 stars (easy) to 5 stars (hard).

Now that you have picked your poison (race and a class) lets see how the character customization looks like. I'm gonna have to say that it is one of the most detailed to be found in a F2P MMORPG. You can pick from various numbers of faces, hair dues, hair colors, skin, and a somewhat new feature, unique flair for each facial choice for each race. Colors are also not restricted to your classic 5-10 types that you have been offered to pick from, no, here you can pick any, and i mean absolutely any color you like.

Ok, you made your character the way you want it now lets talk about the gameplay a little bit. You notice right of the start that the controls are pretty much the same as in any other MMORPG. You use WASD to move, your mouse to point, and you can also use click-to-move because Forsaken World has it both. The one thing that is completely new is the auto-route system they have implemented in the game, which if you ask me is bad. Wondering why? Because with it you can get from any NPC to any NPC by a single click which makes you a lot less involved in actualy playing then usual, you just click and your character goes there by itself.


Nothing much to say here. Content revolves around the MMORPG pattern including various quests, daily quests, dungeons and such. The experience rate is not small nor too big so dont worry about it being a grind fest or a 2 day max level kinda thing. Then you have all your standard MMO features. Each class has three talent trees, which allow players to specialize in the skills of their class they best like. Talents layout struck me as weird while i was playing, mainly because max level was 70 (with a patch coming for 80) and you had 73 talent poins in each tree. And when you picked a talent tree you had to go all the way in that one, meaning there was no hybrid mixtures which was bad. Some skills are also affected by a racial choice, one or two skills per race. There are dungeons, world bosses that require the power of several groups to challenge, achievements, mounts, reputation building, a prayer system that offers experience and buffs, guilds that can build their own bases (this is awesome), even open world PvP with an arena system, and there is also a detailed pet system (not limited class/race wise) and offcourse professions (Socialite, Adventurer, Merchant, Artisan, Chef, Fisherman, Scavenger, Miner, Arcanist, Botanist, Astrologist, Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, Tamer and  Alchemist). Now that is the biggest list of professions i have seen in a game so far, so by the looks of it, you can never run out of stuff to do in Forsaken World.

Spoiler Alert!

This is the part where i talk about MY first impression of the game and MY opinion about it (note that im being totally subjective aswell as how the grade of the game is going to be). I played the game roughly about 2 months. At first, i was excited, the game looked like it had it all - amazing graphics, a nice variety of races/classes and lot of stuff to do with it not being a grind fest. But as always you poke holes into things that seem too good to be true, which was the case here. First thing that ticked me off was restricted movement during combat. For example, you are a melee fighter lets say an assassin, and you have a double kick sort of a finisher ability which takes 2 seconds to cast. So you move up on your target, you hit the ability button and your character starts swinging in place (your opponent feels free to walk away anytime he wants). The second and probably the biggest problem with the game is lack of content. You dont believe what im saying after all of the things i listed? Let me explain. Sure there are dungeons, 1 at each 10 levels, and they are absolutely completely NOT challenging at all. I mean you can run thru them with your eyes closed. Then there is the leveling issue, not so much an issue of gaining a level but the way you did it. You level up thru dailies, why? Because they give the most xp that its not worth it to do quests in the actual outer world which you should be exploring. To sum it up, you do profession dailies, and some other dailies called "Personal luck quests" which you can do once a day obviously. After that, you do a dungeon that consists of you killing 120 monsters nearly your level, in groups of 20, each group stationed near 1 out of 6 pillars. This dungeon gives you 2/3 of a level. Now lets get to the item shop, the thing that ruins the game for players without money (ironically enough they are playing a F2P game). You cannot even think about reaching the same gear level as the paying players so get being competitive out of your head. And so with all of this, after 2 months i asked myself: "Why am i playing this game". I could not produce an answer to that. I had nothing that motivated me to play like in other MMORPG's. No new gear set coming out, or a new dungeon boss everyone wants to kill that drops that one piece of gear you always wanted etc.. So i just quit.

Final verdict (coming out of my own personal experience) is that this game is not worth playing if you strive for a greater goal in a game rather then just killing time.