Reich building

After Call of Duty modern warfare Activision has decided  to go back to old days. This game has been created by Activision and Treyarch studio. Now no more camouflage and no more jamming devices just you your good old rifle and a dozen of foolish enemy hungry for some bullets and grenade fragments. This game is very nice as it has good visual and sound effects I can't tell you how good it was in words. The game is full of booby traps and ambushes awaiting your arrival. This game can be plated in single player, four-player co-op mode and multiplayer.

You assume the role of three soldiers during the game. First as Private Miller an American soldier, Private Dimitri of Russia and Officer Locke for a single mission Black cats as a gunner in pby catalina flying boat. Unlike other FPS it has no health system, as you take hits your screen will start to turn red and when it turns completely red you simply die. It has no health packs so to restore your hitpoints simply take cover. The game follows the fight between America and Japan and Russia and germany.

You are accompanied by Sgt. Tom Sullivan, Corporal Roebuck(appointed as sergeant after Sullivan's death ) and Polonsky when Sullivan dies. In Russia you have Private Chernov and sgt. Reznov.

The game begins with the Japanese occupying Indochina and killing the people and America signing an embargo to cut oil supply to Japan. I am not going to tell this any more because you will  go to sleep just like  a history class. The first level begins with you(as pvt. Miller)and your squad members being tortured and killed in a Japanese camp. As you are rescued by Marine raiders led by sgt Sullivan after you help the raiders secure the village you fight your way to enemy ammo bunker and blow it. In srcond mission you attack Pelileu Island to take over the enemy airfield.  At the end end of this mission  Sullivan dies after being stabbed by a Katana. After you take over the airfield the game shifts to Europe where you wake up in a fountain in a Nazi occupied Stalingrad where you meet Reznov and kill the fictious German general Heinrich Amsel, The architect of Stalingrad's misery as Reznov tells and after you escape the Germans by jumping in Volga the game takes you to Germany where you are rescued by Reznov and Chernov and help the Russians to wipe away the German troops then you fight your way to Seelow Heights and after destroying the place with your tank you board a train to Berlin and carve your way to Berlin as you capture Berlin the scene transfers to Okinawa where you play as Locke aboard a pby flying boat and stop Japanese merchant ships. After the mission Black cats you take control of Miller and figth your way to Shuri castle in Okinawa. As you breach the defences of Shuri castle you find some Japanese troops trying to surrender as Polonsky and Roebuck go near them they show grenades on their body. You have to choose whom to save Polonsky or Roebuck. After you save one of them the Japanese attack you with full force. You get a transmission from Air Force pilot and give the air force co-ordinates to destroy the main building asthe building is destroyed you are given a necklace sort of thing taken from your dead comrades neck. Again the scene transfers to Germany where you are attacking Reich as you are about to enter the building a German "cooks" Chernov and he is not able to fight, Reznov gives you the Russian flag and you assault the Reich as you go near the German flag a soldier shoots you and your screen turns almost completely red enraged Reznov kills the soldier mercilessly with a machete and kicks him from the building and then picks you up and you replace the German flag and the game ends.After this a video is shown in which Americans drop bombs on Japan.

Ahh! how can I forget Night of Undead(english translaion) or the zombie map. It can be played solo or in co-op mode. This bonus level is unlocked after completing the campaign. In this level you are trapped into a building where the Nazi undead are coming for revenge this is an infinite level which only ends when you die. Waves of zombie attack you with each wave zombies get faster and more thick skinned so go and enjoy your party with the zombies.