Age of Mythology
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Egyptian Guardian (left) Zeus (center) Thor (Right)

Microsoft with ensemble studios released Age of Mythology in 2002 it is also a Real Time Strategy like Age of empires series but instead of taking us in known history it takes us in the age where Gods helped their devotees with their powers and to all the myths and stories of its three main civillization: Greeks, Egyptians and Norse. It has good graphics and a lot of things which are not present in age of empires like special powers of units God powers granted by gods as you advance through the ages. 

It has the following resources: Gold, food, wood and Favour, a special kind of resources which is not present as stocks on the map but is generated by different civilizations in different ways like Greeks get it by praying at temples, Egyptian by building monuments and Norse by fighting. It can be played as single player game in two ways firstly a story based campaign and second scenario mode where your aim is to destroy other cultures for the survival of yours. It can also be played as multiplayer.

The main character in this game is an Atlantean named Arkantos who is hunting a Cyclops named Gargarensis who is trying to release the Titans or elder gods held deep within the underworld in a prison as he believes that they will make him immortal as a reward he tries to open the gates in different parts of the world with the first being near Troy when Trojan war ends Arkantos follows Gargarensis into the underworld where he tries to stop him from opening the gates of the prison. When the ram used by Gargarensis is destroyed he blocks the heroes (Arkantos, Ajax and Chiron). In the underworld they meet creatures known as shades who guide them to three temples deticated to Zeus, Poseidon (Arkantos' main deity). He prays to Poseidon but nothing happens but when he  prays to Zeus mysterious staircases come which lead them to Egypt where they meet Amanra a mercenary and help her to fuind the sword of the guardian. They are informed that Osiris has been killed by Set and they are trying to revive him.

They meet new enemy Kemsyt servent of Set and Gargarensis. Arkantos comes to know that Poseidon also wants to release the Titans for his benefit and what will happen if the Titans are released in a dream. The heroes revive the God at last after losing the pieces of his body many times. When revived Osiris destroys everything near his pyramid but the Heroes and Gargarensis alongwith Kemsyt survive. Gargarensis goes towards north in search of another gate and the heroes follow them. While following they meet and save Odesseyus and once they reach North they come to know that Loki has destroyed Thor's hammer and without it he is powerless. The heroes stop Gargarensis by helping the dwarves to build a new one with which the gate is sealed by Thor. At end it is found that the last gate is below the main temple of Poseidon in Atlantis and that Gargarensis is trying to open it. You build a wonder dedicated to Zeus which grants you a special power by which you can turn Arkantos into a demigod with extremely high hitpoint generation rate and he destroys the statue of Poseidon which came to life at the end Arkantos hits the statue on the head and it breaks amd Gargarensis is killed by the statues trident. At last Amanra and Ajax evacuate the whole of Atlantis as it is destroyed by enraged Poseidon. At the end Arkantos is revived as a demigod by Athena and the game ends.

This game is very good with anice story line. It must be played by everyone to know how good it is. 

Trofan horse in AOM