Serious Sam 3
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Horatio Caine got nothin on this!

Serious Sam 3 BFE (Booze, Food and Entertainment - this is the correct meaning) returns in this prequel to the original Serious Sam, The First Encounter. Those of you who played the original game, know that not much brain power was required at all. Serious Sam 3 will not be any different. It will bring back the feeling of old school shoot-em-up games where pulling the trigger made things go boom and all that sorta thing all over your face.

The visuals in the game are, well, serious...Graphics have gotten a major boost by the looks of it. Running on the new Serious Engine 3, everything from the environments to the creatures look really great. Destructible scenery is one new feature and it sure helps add to the chaos. Because lets face it, wheres the fun in blowing an aliens head off when theres no wall behind to leave a mark... Its kinda like spray paint in CS.

Serious Plot

Story takes place before the first game. Surrounded with collapsing temples of an ancient civilization and the crumbling cities of Egypt. The year is 2025, Mental has destroyed everything, Sam has to get to the Time Lock to get back and set everything the way it should be. You probably already guessed that this is not going to be easy.

My Plot

Who cares?. Time Lock something, buncha ugly aliens, and all that stuff. Find guns, shoot everything, walk through a door.

Serious Sam 3 BFE (Bachelor of Forest Engineering) is pure, unspoiled run'n'gun. You run. You gun. You dont stop to wonder why, wheter the alien is actually a vegetarian and just wants to talk. You blast his head off and teebag his corpse if theres time. It's Serious Sam. There are skeleton monsters and headless half-naked screaming kamikaze bombers because of course there are. Cover? No such thing. When you see stuff charging at you, you laugh out loud, start screaming like a girl and run to the hills. Relax for a second, you die.

Serious new cool stuff

Melee attacks (thats what im sayin'). Sam gets a sledgehammer now, but unfortunately it doesnt come with a manual. I imagine you go to crowded areas and leave a donut mark on the floor. As for single target enemies (the smaller ones) you can just cave their skulls with a button press. You can also go bare hands if you like gettin' dirty. One finishing move cought my eye (giggles), when Sam grabs the one-eyed Gnaar creature and well, makes the world a dark place for him. Not so much for the animation, but because it then starts to scream, spraying illogical amounts of blood everywhere. The best thing about these melee attacks is that they are fast, useful and save ammo.

The biggest and possibly coolest announcement was the 16-player co-op mode. Picture if you will, a pile of corpses you make, and 15 more of those. I know, right? You and 15 other players can team up and go on a rampage in the main campaign mode. Competitive multiplayer is also there, and in usual form, such as team deathmatch, capture the flag, and a co-op mode that has you and your friends killing waves of enemies.

If i was Sam i'd just surround myself with treadmills and laugh at the stupid aliens...Erm, back to the topic.

Serious conclusion

A great game which i'm definately gonna be playing when its out (only when its daytime obviously), and i would reccomend everyone to do the same thing.

The word Fatality is too wimpy for this.