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CJ on a bike in Los Santos

GTA San Andreas is a Rockstar game released in 2005 which is played through the perspective of a gang member called CJ(Carl Johnson) in a city name Los Santos who has returned from Liberty city for hisand isĀ  mom's funeral but is caught by corrupt police officer named Tenpenny and is thrown into the territory of enemy gang from where he goes to his home where he meets his brother Sweat and his sister and old friends Ryder and Big Smoke. He decides to live there and help is brother to help unite the gang, while doing so is meets his sisters boyfriend named Ceaser who tells him that he knows who killed his mother and calls him under a bridge while Sweat goes to fight the enemies. Below the bridge he sees that Big Smoke and Ryder work with the enemy gang called Ballas and Tenpenny. He rushes to save his brother who is injured and figths the enemy gang until police arrives.

Its cities are designed with reference to real world cities like San Francisco, Las Vegas etc.

When CJ wakes up he finds himself in a place known as Angel Pine away from Los Santos in custody of Tenpenny who tells him his brother is OK and is in the prison hospital. CJ has to work for Tenpenny for sometime before he is contacted by Ceaser and asked to meet his cousin Catalina. CJ with help of Catalina raises money and participates in a race after he breaks up with Catalina and wins the papers of Garage in San Fierro and with help of a person called Truth goes there.

While racing in badlands CJ meets Woozie who invites him to work for him in San Fierro. CJ with help of Ceaser restores the Garrage and carries out his bussiness. One day CJ is called by Ceaser in Badlands to show the meeting of Ballas, Ryder, Smoke and other members. CJ manages to kill Ryder, Jizzy, T-Bone and Toreno(who survives) and tells him he is a special agent.

CJ is contacted by Woozie for help in Casino is Las Venturas who is under threat from enemy Casino. In Las Venturas CJ buys an old Airfield and works with Toreno for some time. He finds out the enemy and destroys their casino. In Las Venturas CJ kils Polonsky, partner of Tenpenny. He also meets Mad Dogg who was a famous singer but he was ruined by CJ. CJ feels regret and prevents him from committing suicide and helps him restore his former glory and goes to Los Santos with him. In Los Santos Cj helps Toreno in return for his brother's release. CJ and others come to know that Tenpenny has been caught by police for corruption but thanks to CJ that all the witness were killed and Tenpenny was released this causes a chaos in Los Santos. CJ and Sweat start their search for Smoke and last find his hiding spot and CJ gets their and kills him to complete his revenge. He finds Tenpenny running away with the money and tries to stop him but he destroys the generators which cause fire and CJ barely manages to escape. As Tenpenny is escaping in a fire truck Sweat tries to stop him and jumps on the truck an officer tries to throw him down but CJ somehow saves him and they start chasing Tenpenny who loses control of the truck at the bridge near CJ's house and crashes. With Tenpenny killed everything comes back to normal and the game ends but still you can wander about.

GTA San Andreas contains everything you want from commiting burglary at night, playing games, eating, bodybuilding, flying, driving, Bike and boating school to traavelling in trains and planes, buying property weapons side missions like firefighting. You can have girlfriends whom you have to keep happy. You can buy clothes, enter places etc. This game must be played.