Battlefield 3
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Ingame Single-player

*Review for single-player only*

 It has come to that time again, where a ground breaking online shooter has been released. This ground breaking game is called battlefield 3. For years, The battlefield series has been known for its massive online fights and as a game that breaks barriers in graphical advances.

 But im not here to talk about how good battlefield 3's multiplayer is; im here to talk about its major downfall in my eyes, Its single-player campaign. We are well aware that a game like this has been made to satisfy our online ego's and reputation as video gamers, yet as we roll into the years we seem to require atleast some kind of single-player game type.

 You start off in a fast paced fire fight on a train, we can already tell that the new and advanced frostbite 2.0 engine is doing its work as the train is destroyed around. We can also see that the lighting and visuals are satisfactory beyond a doubt. But all that aside and we are left with a boring and repetitive A to B shooter.

 There were many times when i wanted to flank an enemy because it would have been the logical thing to do as a battlefield player. I thought "Hey, these guys are running straight at me, what if i run around the side and shoot them from behind". Just as i ran around the corner of a wall, i was given a message that i must "turn back" and attack them front on. This felt to me as though battlefield had taken the thing that is most unique about the series, And that is freedom. See a soldier in a house in the distance on multiplayer? Well you can come up with multiple ways to get to him. This freedom was lacking from the single-player experience.

 That aside, and we are left with a story line that is in no way unique or original. Nuke? Terrorist? well lets get them. I think that battlefield 3 had every sterotype from the war genre from the last 10 years thrown in. This is not why i play battlefield 3, sure there were some scenes that left me in awe. But other then that, i do not rember much of what happened in the single-player.

 In the end though, this is'nt why we buy any game in the battlefield series. We buy it for the online and we play it for the fun experience. The campaign was terrible in my opinion, and if not for the multiplayer; this game would have done really badly for EA.

 Thank You

*if multi-player was included, it would have scored 9*

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