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Dont laugh, yes it does look like this :)

The year was 2000, i was only a yound fellow living in australia with no concept of video gaming. All i had for a pc was my parents windows 95 desktop, with the old 17" rear projection moniter. I remeber my father installing something on this pc as i was sitting by his side at the time. I remeber watching him play as the main character Tanner In a video game called Driver. Tanner walks out of an elevator with footsteps being heard, aswell as a leaking water pipe dripping in the background. He gets into a 67' ford mustang and is immediately chased by the police. Tires scretching and sirens wailing, the lot!

 This was the first time i had ever seen a video game, needless to say i was riveted instantly. The sound of the car, the smoke of the tire's, This is the best thing i have ever seen i remeber thinking. After 2hrs of watching my dad play; he told me it was bed time, but all i could think about was this game. So 10mins after my lights were out, i was back in the computer room trying to turn the pc on without making much of a noice. I was on it till 8:00am in the morning.

 Enough about my memory's though, this game for me is special. We play as Tanner, a cop who is about to go undercover. In order to join the gang, tanner must complete a set of challanges to 'prove' himself worthy. If all is done correctly, you start doing missions in miami and work your way up from town to town. This game is like every other driving game, Drive from A and end up at B. That being said though, i remeber thinking that "this game has the most realistic graphics i have ever seen". 

 This game was not only fun, but very realistic. These days in games, there are no traffic laws. Hell, even the latest driver (san fransico) doesnt have any road laws. But this game did. Speeding? running a red light? going down the wrond side of the road?, If you were doing any of these things you would be chased by the police. So it forced you to drive properly in the presence of police officers. I mean, you could even use your indecators for goodness sake.   

 There really isnt much too this game, so talking about it graphicaly is hard (it did come out in 1999) But for the time; when this game came out, it was ground breaking. And to this day, i still have'nt had a game actually hit me like driver did. The cars were great looking, the handling was perfect. You could'nt run into pedestrians, and the satisfaction of hitting a letter box with mail flying everywhere whilst in a police chase is hard to top for me.

  I know that this article may be viewed as outdated, or complete nonsense to younger people. But it was the game that got the ball rolling for me. Ever sinse this game was loaded onto the family computer in 2000, it has been the influence on the way i play games now. And for that i am thankful. All in all though, this game had great graphics (for its time) the acting was great and the playability of this game was incredible. We all have that first game, and for me i am ever so glad that, that game was driver.

Thank you for your time ;)


Outdated graphics, but good times.