Space Siege
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Gas Powered Games goes cybernetic. With the Supreme Commander success behind them they decide to maintain the sci-fi theme but draw upon their earlier series, Dungeon Siege. As a side, some might have noticed that this series recently led to a spin off film by the notorious Uwe Boll called "In the Name of the King" A Dungeon Siege Tale’, questionable. Anyway, Gas Powered Games are set to release Space Siege at the end of August 08.

GPG are going to be imitating their tried and tested isometric view with some 3D enhancements, the left mouse button will be to walk and the right, to shoot. But instead of laying siege to dungeons you will be, yeah that’s right, up in space, making your way through advanced technological corridors that make the dungeon look old in comparison. The star of the show will be a battle-hardened engineer, fighting for humanity’s survival.

The backstory goes: thing
Humanity nearly destroys itself following the global warming situation Earth now faces. By 2199 they have launched numerous colony ships across the galaxy; one such ship finds the perfect new planet, Elysium IV, 27 light years from Earth. No sooner have they settled this world than the Kerak appear. Hell bent on destroying our squishy, delicate race, they demolish colony ship after colony ship across the galaxy, all the way back to Earth. Which they destroy. My word, thats heavy. But, if you recall, I mentioned a battle-hardened engineer earlier- thats you, Seth Walker, and you intend on bringing the battle back to the Kerak.

The hook with Space Siege is, you get offered physical upgrades from your colony ship’s space-doctor as you progress. These cybernetic enhancements boost your combat efficiency and make you a little less squishy. The dilemma is that the new body-mods replace your actual body parts, until you ironically possess little-to-none of that which you are trying to save, humanity. It does mean you get to look cool though and there is meant to be more than one ending to the game depending on the path you take, giving at least a couple of reasons to play through. To give you some support along the way you will be accompanied by a robo dog that you can also have modified, called HR-V.

As with Dungeon Siege, you will be able to hook up with other human players and run through a separate story in co-op fashion. Although the screenshots are looking fairly tasty in these final weeks to launch it will not be supporting DX10, if that matters to people. I can’t say I care.
See you in Space.