FIFA 2012
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Ronaldo fighting for possesion

After so many years of cursing and pleading EA has listened by improving the gameplay and adding some more realastic features in the game to mention some now players on your team do not block your passes thanks to the AI improvement and now I am pleased that there are chances to hit the refree with the ball. A lot of improvement has been made as I haven't played FIFA 11 Its good to see that Messi's face has been redesigned and looks a lot more realastic but as they were improving all these things they were not seeing the transfers. While playing with Barcelona against Arsenal I was looking out for Fabregas only to find that he scored a goal for Arsenal and why is Nasri still with Arsenal? As I have only played its demo I cannot comment much about its careear. I have seen the players of a few team and they looked better than the previous games. When comparing to PES 12 I think FIFA is much better in case of gameplay just add Uefa to it and say Good Bye to PES. Good news the commentary team has been changed.

The new improvements as announced by EA like tactical defending has given a good gameplay which focuses on defending rather than leaving it to the Computer to do and only attack. The biggest improvement seems to be the introduction of handball in penalty area which was not present in previous games and the reactions has also improved like while clearing no more akward kick but now more real looking clearances and another plus point is that it has removed the boring throw in scene now a player runs to the ball and gets ready to throw it. There is an option to use two players while defending with teammate contain option which allows you to press your opponent into making a mistake.

The overall improvements are good and the introduction of new features has made it much much more interesting unlike complicating it as in case of PES. There is not much change in player impact engine but atleast you now don't run into an opponent only to get pushed a little after a high speed impact and introduction of real injuries ,etc. has made it a lot better football sim than it was before. Not to miss the biggest mistake NO MULTIPLAYER ON LAN. Yes, its true that you cannot enjoy this game with your friends without connecting to the EA server. Its said that after the failures of LAN games in prevoius versions EA has removed this feature not a good move I think.


If you will ask me what to buy I will tell you to go for it and no offence to PES fans if you like it then go for it and don't be under pressure as I am an EA fan.