When the game starts there's not much action. If you go into a room, wind will come through a door and you will see monsters in the distance. What got me hooked on the game wasn't the scary part but how they did it. The music for one thing really made the game. Then the sanity meter was really good, if your sanity is low then you start seeing things, like the walls moving. To get your sanity back up you have to be in a light area. Also what is good in the game is the fact that you can't defend yourself from any enemies. That made the game really fun, you have to run away, close a door and hide in something, mainly wardrobes, if the monster doesn't see you it'll lose interest.

Ok - now onto the the way you play the game. It's a very simple, pretty normal, survival game style of playing. You open doors by holding down the mouse and moving it up or down, depending on which way the door opens. You can pick up nearly anything and move it or throw it, depending on how heavy it is.

In the game you pick up notes that you wrote but you can't remember writing them, hence the name amnesia.

The most difficult part of the game must have been the sewer part. There is the 'water monster' that you can't see, but you can see the splashes. You have to jump from different crates in the water to get to the other side. Also something that was good is how you had to save your lantern oil because you don't want to be without light in this game.

I say that if you like games like this you won't stop, but if you get scared easily don't play it because you'll have nightmares for a long time.