Modern Warfare 3
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Moving on... Shall we start with the storyline? Ok, if you insist. Modern Warfare 3 kicks off exactly where Modern Warfare 2 ended, the Russian Federation -> invasion -> United States of America, and they expanded their offensive into Europe aswell - most notably the United Kingdom, France and Germany. They would come to my country too, if only they could have found it on the map. Anyway, it seems like there will be a lot to explore in Modern Warfare 3, and the campaign mode looks promising and will deliver what fans want. There will be campain stages for all the mentioned countries with missions in Moscow, Dubai, Somalia and Sierra Leone aswell. General Task Force 141 Captain John "Soap" MacTavish will be reappearing in MW3, along with SAS Captain John Price and the Russian informant Nikolai (i suppose they did a good job before?). You will be able to choose some new characters to play as, Delta Force soldiers, Derek "Frost" Westbrook and some dude simply known as "Sandman". An unnamed Russian federal security agent and a SAS Sergeant Marcus Burns will also be playable.

Gat customization. Need i say more? As always you will be able to pick from assault rifles, submachine guns, snipers, etc. for your primary weapon, and for your secondary weapon there will be handguns, automatic pistols (burp guns) and so on... Going further into customization you will stumble upon weapon ranking systems, weapon progression and proficiency specialization. Without going too much into details (spoilers), weapon ranking means you will be able to level up your weapon (higher level -> better weapon i assume). Weapon progression is supposed to make leveling your weapon faster by unlocking equipment for you and your little friend (talkin' bout the gun). What makes each player even more unique is being able to choose from attributes with different bonuses. This is what the proficiency system is all about. Attributes will be available in the form of focus, stability, kick and attachments. Basically, you will pick what you like more - reduced recoil when shooting, faster rebound when hit... Attachments are mostly, well, attachments for you gun... If you are stealthy type of a player you might pick up a silencer, if you like sniping from far away there are long range scopes, red dot laser sight for improved aiming and stuff like that...

That pretty much covers new implementations and weapon additions for single player. Without being rude, single-player campaigns are for the lonely and socially disabled. Humping the corpse of a dead opponent, thats where its at. So lets see what Multiplayer has to offer.

Killstreaks become Pointstreaks

Everyone likes going on a killing rampage, i imagine gunning down couple opponents in a row boosts your selfesteem. This is always awesome, but what about the support players who dont do this? (not everyone can have a killing streak) Are they robbed of the fun? Perhaps they might want to have 5 minutes on the spotlight? Well good news for those not so handy with a gun. Killstreaks will be revamped and renamed into pointstreaks. This basically means that you will be able to get a "killstreak" without killing people. Yes, kills will still count, but completing objectives will net you points which you can spend to call in recon drones, attack helicopters, sentries etc.. Got your kill stolen by someone? Doesnt matter. Kill assists go into the  pointstreak basket aswell, this way the supporting players wont be left out and not only the superior marksmen go up on the pedestal (always boast about your score. always). Pointstreaks are available in three groups, named Strike Packages. This is where the customization branches again to your preference since you can pick only one out of three Strike Packages. The three types are Assault, Support and Specialist. Each one has its very own list of streaks that im not going to write. Play the game, see for yourself.

Available modes to pick from

  • Kill Confirmed - This is the classic fight for the highest score type of mode. Very similar to deathmatch, but here not only kills get you points. Sure, your team gets points by killing the opposition, but taking your dead opponents dog tags increases your team's numbers on the scoreboard aswell (its a trophy kinda thing). Why they added this? You ask. Its the same as killing but teams just score faster? Partially true, but, you can also take your fallen teammates dog tags. For example, if your teammate gets killed, and you take his dog tags, you basically denied them the bonus points for grabbing it. This is why it gets interesting, as it adds a new layer of strategy to the game as people can use dog tags to set an ambush for other players.  
  • Spec Ops Survival - Here, one or two players (MP mode which you can play alone, weird) get an area to defend from enemies. You pile up corpses untill they overrun you, kinda like tower defense. The enemies are weak and armed with crappy weapons at start, but as levels go by, the enemies gradually get stronger (who woulda guessed?). To defend yourself, you are given a basic pistol at first. If you survive the first wave, you unlock a weapons store, surviving the second wave, unlocks an equipment store and finally, surviving the third wave unlocks an airstrike store. Buying new weapons, gear/equipment and calling a casual airstrike every once in a while will be the key to survival. After that, the new unlocks stop, but the enemies dont, which means you eventully die, only question is how many waves can you live through. I personally dont like the sound of it, because it seems you cant win. I dont like not being able to win.
  • Team Defender - So, what happens here? Basically, you grab the flag and protect the flag carrier to increase your team score. At first glance this might seem the same as capture the flag but it isnt. In capture the flag you are trying to capture your enemies flag and then return it to your base while in "Team Defender" you are simply trying to protect the flag carrier to increase your team's score. This mode requires a lot of teamwork and communication between everyone if you want the flag carrier to stay alive long enough to pump up the points. This, i could work with. Its nice being the bodyguard running around, unloading a clip at a bush where you last heard a sound (no, its not a rabbit they all died from radiation... its WW3 aint it?)


And that would be all. Modern Warfare 3 is certainly looking to break selling "records" as its prequels did too. One of the top games in 2011, that can actually back it up (*points at BF3*), and it will definately be a game seen on almost every FPS fan's shelf.