Dead Space
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Dead Space is a third person survival horror shooter game developed by EA Redwood Shores for Microsoft Windows PS3 and XBOX360 in 2008.

About Game :- Player takes on the role of an Engineer named Isaac Clarke who battles virus like infestation which turns human into grotesque monster "Necromorphs" on a space ship name USG Ishimura

Isaac Clarke have various weapons to fight against these Nacromorphs monsters. In this game ,weapons are mostly improvised from mining tools such as Plasma Cutter , rotatory saw called Ripper Blades , hydrazine torch used as a Flamethower ,contact beam , force cannon and an automatic rifle.All weapons features secondary firing mode.Other than weapons , Isaac Clarke also equipped other tools which help him to survive ,combat enemies and to solve puzzles.Stasis ability is used to slow down enemies and objects for a short time.Kinesis module allows to pick up and throw items.

Dead also features various environment like Vacuum and zero gravity.Player navigate through them by using pressurized suit  and magnetic boots. Player suffocate in vacuum so it is very important for player to get through it because his suit have limited amount of oxygen.

Player may also upgrade his weapons,suit,kinesis module,oxygen level,stasis ability etc by using Power nodes found in various levels or player may also purchase power node from shop in exchange of money.

There are 6 levels of suits ,each time when player upgrade his suit from one level to another , his suits armor and inventory slots also incrreases.

Characters :- Isaac Clarke ,Kendra Daniels ,Zach Hammonds ,Dr. Chellus Mercer , Dr. Terrence Kyne , Nicole Brennan.


Game was very much impressive.

Story was good.

Gameplay was good.

Graphics was awesome.

Sounds used was quite impressive.

Monsters are scary.

Loactions are creapy.

Horror Presentation was awesome.


But the game becomes quite boring because locations are pretty much similar in each level. Method of combating against most of the monster was similar example :- just simply cut the limbs. Attack on head was not very much effective.Number of power nodes found on levels was also less so if player wants to fully upgrade his weapons and suit ,he needs to play game again in next round in order to upgrade them completely.


But from my own experience ,game was very good and people should play this game.


This is my Second Review Hope you all enjoyed.