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Destroying a wall with an enemy might be quite fun!

Crysis - the legend of modern gaming. Everyone has at least heard the name. When the game came out in 2007, it was extremely demanding for the time, and in one moment computers that could handle any game on maximum settings, couldn't do it anymore. That situation also created the wide-spread belief that Crysis is the most demanding game of all times. That might have been true in 2007, but almost any laptop/desktop released in 2011 can run it at least on low settings.


So why is the game actually so graphically demanding? If I had to describe the world of Crysis in one word, it would be 'alive'. The scenery of a green jungle on an island looks fantastically realistic. The views that open from high points and the special effects look almost real - just like the games today. The feature I liked the most, though, was the moving environment. When the player is walking through different plants, you can see all of them move according to player movements, as if they were real. Together with the amazing movements of the nature come the sounds. Oh, those sounds really contribute to the overall feeling a person receives from playing Crysis. Each step can be heard on the ground, depending on the surface. Another aspect of the realistic environment is the way you can shape it - even though the rocks are un-breakable and the leaves cannot be ripped apart, you can destroy the trees. That alone is enough to reshape the view of a certain area, because the are very many trees. While looking at first impression videos of Crysis, you can see everyone trying out the possibility to destroy a tree at any point on it. Some people even say that Crysis looks better than its sequel (Crysis 2), and that is due to the fact that a green jungle generally looks more beautifully than a destroyed city. Major part of all those graphical features are brought into the game by the CryEngine 2


The story of Crysis centers on a team of U.S. special forces, who are sent onto a Lingshan Island, where a mysterious structure is discovered by the Korean army. Throughout the game, the player controls Nomad, one of the team members, as he kills hundreds of Koreans, aliens, and destroys several cars/tanks/helicopters. The weapons are futuristic, as are the special costumes that the special forces wear - the nanosuits. Nanosuits give people the possibility to either run faster, be stronger (i.e. jump higher, hit stronger or throw objects farther away), become invisible for a short period of time, or use the armour mode, which is also the standard mode and gives constant impact protection.


If you still haven't played the game, then go and do it! You are missing out on a brilliant game with great graphics and an existing story. I can't say I'm a big fan of first-person-shooters, yet I still liked Crysis very much. The only flaw I can think of right now, is actually the AI, which sometimes acts stupidly, but that doesn't really concern me - the game is great to play.

Witness the graphics of Crysis!